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Angry shark attack

While I’m not much into fishing, my brother spends about as much time on the water as he can. He loves fishing so much that he and his wife bought a house on a lake with a boat dock so they could go out as much and as often as possible. They practically live on the water, and I’m guessing would actually live on the water if they had a big enough yacht. Still, in all their years spent out there I don’t think they’ve ever experienced anything as terrifying as this. When fisherman Captain Ben Chancey was fishing for Goliath Grouper off the coast, a 7-ft plus bull Shark ate his bait. When Captain Ben pulled the tethered rod back up, the angry shark pulled him all over the ocean eventually flipping Captain Ben’s boat over. Take a look!

The look of absolute terror as the captain swam toward the larger boat is hard to miss. I’m sure he never expected anything like that to happen during his excursion, but at least he’ll have a gigantic fish tale to tell AND the video to back it up!

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