I’ve known one color-blind person in my life. He was a teenager, full of spunk and drive and completely complacent about the fact that he couldn’t see the same colors as the rest of us. He had a little sister who lacked in tact and would often giggle as she pointed to things, “What color is this? What color is this?” She never intended to be cruel, and chances are he never saw it as such, but it always made me ache for him. Maybe it was because color is such a big part of my life. I have always gravitated toward bright colors, the kind that wake you up, make you feel warm and happy. And the idea that this kid couldn’t see that made me ache for him. I would have loved to have thrown him a party like this one. This whole party is about letting this girl see color for the first time ever through a pair of Enchroma glasses. The moment she starts to see takes my breath away. Take a look! I hope someday that teenager I knew is able to see something like this. I don’t think he knows what he’s missing, but what a gift to be given something you don’t know you need.

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