We are loving these yarn crafts! You can use yarn for so many creative projects other than knitting. We’re going to help you get crafty today by sharing a whole list of ideas for using yarn. Whether you know how to finger knit or not, we love these ideas for all skill levels! Kids of all ages will love these yarn crafts. Use these yarn crafts at home or in the classroom!

Yarn Crafts and activities for kids- sock puppets, yarn around y, hanging garden, yarn box, yarn rainbow, rain bird, knitting
There are so many yarn crafts to try!

Yarn Crafts For Kids

Looking for fun yarn crafts? We got them! Grab your yarn, pom poms, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, toilet roll, and any other craft supplies you may have!

Not only are these easy yarn crafts great for kids of all ages, but it is a way to promote creativity and practice fine motor skills. Whether you have older kids or younger kids, we have all the great kids yarn crafts.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but I always have yarn scraps, so yarn art is perfect to use it up.

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Creative Yarn Crafts

Yarn Crafts- following directions grid game with green yarn on carpet with little kid feet in square
This fun game only requires yarn, tape, and a little paper.

1. Fun Yarn Map Game

This Map Game looks so fun. This fun activity combines following directions with map skills. It may take a little patience as learning to use a map can be difficult, but this is a great craft and activity.

2. Yarn Worry Dolls Craft

Learning about emotions. Then these Worry Dolls are just what you need. Make dolls you can tell all your worries to! This is super great for young children who may not know how to express their emotions well. It will give young kids not only a great activity to do, but also work on their communication skills. From Toddling in the Fast Lane.

3. DIY Yarn Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets are so much fun! Have a fun puppet show after you make your very own sock puppets. From Art Club Blog.

4. Super Cute Yarn Bird Nest Craft

How cute is this Bird Nest? Make some little birdies in a nest! From Buggy and Buddy.

5. Make Easy and Cute Yarn Letters

Decorate your room with these Yarn Letters. Cut out letters in cardboard and wrap them with yarn. From Mrs. Karen’s Preschool Ideas.

6. Coffee Can Stilts Craft

Did you know you can make Coffee Can Stilts? Practice balance with these DIY stilts. From Teach Mama.

Yarn crafts- hanging garden with yellow flowers and green yard against a pink house
This hanging garden is so pretty!

7. DIY Hanging Garden

How beautiful is this Hanging Garden? Make a kokedama which is an easy plant for kids to care for.

8. Homemade Yarn Stamps Craft

No special skills needed for this craft idea. Wow! Look at these Yarn Stamps. Glue pieces of yarn to a milk jug lid to make stamps. From No Time for Flash Cards.

9. How To Finger Knit

This is a great fine motor activity! I’ve always wanted to learn how to Finger Knitting. Learn how to knit with just your fingers! From Housing a Forest.

10. Yarn Rainbow Craft

Have extra yarn? Like Rainbows? Make a colorful rainbow with cardboard, yarn and cotton balls! From School Time Snippets.

11. Yarn Painting Activity

Yarn Painting is so fun! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Add this to your lesson plan or just do it as fun activity learn to paint with yarn! From Fantastic Fun and Learning.

12. DIY Marionette Craft

My grandmother loved Marionettes. Now you can make your own. Make a unicorn puppet with some toilet paper rolls and yarn! From Red Ted Art.

13. Yarn Circle Garland Craft

Make some Yarn Circle Garland! This festive garland is a perfect way to decorate around the house. From Hands on As We Grow.

14. Twine Wrapped Jar Craft

Twine Wrapped Jar – Grab a mason jar and some twine and make a pretty flower vase.   From Love and Marriage.

Yarn Craft- colorful homemade yarn coaster using yarn and a paper plate
Make your own colorful coaster!

15. Homemade Yarn Coaster Craft

Everyone can use some Homemade Coasters. Make a cute little gift for someone!

More Textile Crafts From Kids Activities Blog:

What yarn crafts have you tried? How did they turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear!

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