Hot Glue your Easter Eggs

This was so simple, and the results too great not to play copy cat!  We were inspired to dye our Easter Eggs with hot glue after reading the activity by Kristi of Creative Connections for Kids.

You will need to read her site for the full tutorial, below are our adaptations from her experiment.

dye easter eggs with hot glue

Simple Egg Dye:

  • 1/3 cup of white vinegar – per color
  • 10 drops of food dye – per color
  • hard boiled eggs

Mix the vinegar and food coloring together.   For our hot glue eggs we used three primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

To prep your eggs, have your kids dip them in the dye.  We only needed our eggs to be in the dye for a short time – less than a minuet per egg.  You don’t want the eggs to be in the dye for long as the dye bath is acidic will lightly dissolve the shell.  The longer it is in the dye the more easily your egg shells will crack.

dye easter eggs with hot glue

Instructions for Decorating Easter Eggs:

Take your pre-dyed eggs and drizzle hot glue over the eggs.   My gal felt *so* big getting to use the glue gun all. by. herself!!   Creative Connections will tell you more about the type of hot glue that is best for this project.

Dip your glued eggs back into dye.  Dry them off and gently remove the glue.  The results are stunning!!

dye easter eggs with hot glue

Kristi’s eggs are awesome – they are multicolored.  She was able to repeat the gluing/dying process to get stunning patterns multiple times.  Our egg shells became compromised after the first round and they began to chip, but two-toned still wowed my kiddos!!


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