Crayon Resist: White Crayon Secret Art {Cool!}

Crayon resist art has been around since us moms were kids.  It is a timeless craft for kids because all kids love this secret art project.  Kids Activities Blog is curious to hear about how your child’s creativity is expressed through the use of a white crayon.

Crayon Resist {White Crayon Secret Art}

Crayon Resist

Usually when my kids are making art with crayons, they’re trying to create the most colorful images possible.  When I can see they’re looking for something a little different from the usual coloring routine, we break out only the white crayons to create Crayon Resist Art.  It’s a really simple process, but the kids are amazed time after time when they see their hidden white crayon drawings magically appear when painted over with watercolors!

Secret Art

Materials (affiliate links)

This activity is super simple!  

Kids love secret art {Crayon resist art}

White Crayon

All you or your child need to do is doodle or write with the white crayon onto the white paper. Then lightly watercolor over your “secret” drawing or message and voila!

Tip:  Make sure to press hard with the crayon so enough wax comes off on to the paper.

Activity Extension

Crayon resist art is not just wonderful for art’s sake, but you can use it for math and reading lessons, too!  

For a math activity, try drawing numbers on the left side of the page and a group of objects that match up on the right side of the page.  Let your child reveal the number on the left side first.  Before she paints over the corresponding group of objects on the right hand side, let her guess what the answer might be.

To practice spelling, you can write a word down, like “apple.”  Then, directly underneath the word, write the individual letters a-p-p-l-e, but have a letter or two missing and let your child write in the missing letter with a marker.  Or, if you space out the individual letters enough, you can have your child say out loud what the next letter will be before she actually paints over it to reveal it.

And, of course, there’s always the fun of decoding secret messages for older kids!

Crayon Resist makes Secret Art for Kids {use a white crayon!}

Tip:  Don’t throw out any of your extra Easter egg dye because it works really well for this activity!

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