Crayola is giving away box of crayons and the best part is you can choose your own colors! Kids of all ages will love getting a free box of crayons filled with their favorite colors.

Box of crayons- Crayola
Did you know Crayola is giving away box of crayons?

Crayola Box Of Crayons

Crayons are a must-have in every home and Crayola is hands down the best brand of crayons. With that being said, you can get a Free Box of Crayola Crayons and you can even pick your own colors!!

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Crayola crayons in a line- Red, orange, yellow, green, light green, light blue, dark blue, purple, magenta, and pink
Choose all of your favorite colors!

How To Get Your Free Box Of Crayons

Crayola is currently giving away 1 Million Crayons – that is a LOT of crayons if you ask me!

To celebrate National Crayon Day 2024 (March 31, 2024) Crayola is giving away boxes of crayons to people in select areas.

Stack of crayons- blue, green, orange, red, pink, purple, yellow- box of crayons
You can get a box of 32 crayons.

Imagine a box of 32 crayons with only your favorite colors – FOR FREE! And just like that you can make it happen if you sign up now!  

You’ll have colorful fun hand-picking YOUR CHOICE of 32 crayons from our 40 ft. by 8 ft. “Pick Your Pack” wall holding nearly HALF A MILLION CRAYONS in 74 different colors.

Girl and boys picking out crayola crayons for their box of crayons
Crayola- Which colors are you going to be choosing?

Where To Register To Get Your Box Of Crayons

All you have to do is, register and download a voucher for this giveaway. Select a location and time to pick up your crayon box and pick out your crayons at one of our Crayola Stores.

Child holding crayons- blue, red, pink, yellow, green, purple
Make sure you register!

The locations are:

  • Chandler, AZ
  • Easton, PA
  • Mall of America (Bloomington, Minn.)
  • Orlando, FL
  • Plano, TX

If you live near one of these areas, go get yourself registered and get yourself a box of crayons of your choosing!

Offer runs March 29 – May 31, 2024 while supplies last; pickup times and availability varies by location.

You can get your Free Box of Crayons on the Crayola Website here.

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Did you get your free box of crayons?

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