You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy water play.   We’re showing you how to splash around inside!   Grab a few towels and get ready for your kids eyes to light up when you tell them they get to play with water somewhere besides the bathtub.   These awesome water play activities are inspired by What Do We Do All Day?

15 Creative Indoor Water Play Ideas

15 Creative Indoor Water Play Ideas

1.  Make a sailboat out of a small foam base, a toothpick and a square of paper.   Float it around in the sink or a pan of water!

2.  Set out two containers, one with water, one empty.   Let your kids use an eyedropper to transfer the water from one container to the other.

3.  Simulate a  water fountain  indoors and toss change in!  We also show you how to make it into a game.

4.  Create thin ice in a pan to replicate how the top of a lake freezes in winter.  It’s fun to break it!

5.  Paint with the rain by coloring on paper and leaving it outside in the rain to smear!

6.  Freeze tiny dinosaur figurines in ice and let your kids use small plastic tools to drive and break them out.

7.  Blowing water in drops along waxed paper is a simple, fun way to demonstrate water  science with kids.

8.  Teach them how to make bath bubbles with a plastic container for extra bath time fun.

9.  Try ice fishing by  freezing some small toys in a plastic container.  When you put it in the bath, the ice slowly melts to release the toys!

10.  Experiment and chart which items in your home will float or sink if they are submerged in water.

11.  Let the little ones practice transferring by pouring water to and from different size containers.

12.  Make an ocean in a bottle that they can explore and carry around with them.   You don’t have to live near an ocean to explore it!

13.  You can paint inside with chalk and water mixed together.  Two fun summer activities mixed into one!

14.  Let them have an indoor car wash by simply filling a pan or tray with warm soapy water and let them scrub their toy cars clean.

15.   With this project, run an experiment to explore what happens when you place items in salt water rather than fresh water.   Examine  ocean  water vs. fresh water.


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  1. Love it! You can even add food colouring with the droppers to the water and experiment with colour.