December activities often focus on family and looking back over the events of the year.   Use this great activity to reflect on the year for your family through a seek and find activity.   We at Kids Activities Blog hope you enjoy this super creative Christmas card idea.

December Activities

Christmas Cards are so much fun to receive.  Even in the middle of all the amazing technology we use to share with our friends & families, I still love to receive notes and cards in the mail.  And at Christmas especially. It is particularly fun to have Christmas letters to read about everyone’s “Year in Review”.  We like to recap our year for our Christmas Cards as well and have tried everything from letters to blog post links to photo slideshow movies (a bit expensive…).  But our best way to recap our year was making a Homemade Christmas Card Seek & Find:  

December Activities

Seek and Find

Above you will find a collection of items representing our lives over the past year.

See if you can find:

  • 4 soccer balls – John & Elizabeth’s soccer team had an undefeated season last spring
  • A horse and a black cowboy hat – David was thrilled to ride a horse for the first time this summer at family camp in Washington
  • A ballet shoe – Elizabeth danced in Cinderella in June for her ballet recital
  • A race car – David celebrated year number 3 with a Go-Cart birthday party
  • A passport – John & Michele visited Europe (France & Italy) this summer for the first time, but definitely not the last!
  • 4 toothbrushes – each representing the 4 teeth Elizabeth lost this year
  • The letter “J” – David learned to write his name
  • Wilbur – We read “Charlotte’s Web” together as a family
  • A string of “Gold Medals” – John trained and ran his first half-marathon this December
  • 6 crayons – Elizabeth colored countless pages this year – she loves to do crafts
  • A Golden Thomas – David’s favorite past time is building train tracks

Hidden Things

Make Your Own Seek and Find:
  1. With your family, brainstorm a list of events that are “newsworthy”.  Ideas like earning a ribbon in the Spelling Bee, learning to ride a bike, family vacation to Colorado, and loosing teeth are all considered “newsworthy” , so write them down!
  2. Find objects in your house (or the store if necessary) that can represent some of the events.  For example, we used a small plastic horse to represent us going to Family Camp and riding horses for the first time and a toothbrush for each tooth my daughter had lost that year. Make sure the objects are small enough so that you can fit many in together.
  3. Grab other objects to use as fillers – they can be trinkets or keepsakes that represent you family as well.  I included my kids school pictures.
  4. Using a white tray or white sheet, arrange the objects in a very well-lite area to shoot your photo.  I went outside in my backyard for complete natural lighting.
  5. Shoot many picture from many angles so you have plenty to work with.  The one that worked best for me was shooting directly overhead.
  6. Create clues like the ones listed above to correspond with your objects.
  7. Edit the picture and clues into a word document, pdf, or directly into a card using photo software editing. You may also want to use this as your Christmas Card made by one of the many online card companies.
There are many ways to use this activity beyond a Christmas Card: Make one for a Children’s Party, as a classroom activity, or summer re-cap.  Kids love seeing their own trinkets show up in a seek & find activity!

More Kids Activities

Looking for a few more great December activities for your kids?   You can seek and find so much right here on our site.   For example:

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