Egg Tutorial: Filled Egg {Easter Treats}

You’ll love this egg tutorial for making a super cute filled egg for Easter.  Easter treats like these will definitely be a favorite for your kids over the regular candy filled plastic Easter eggs.  Kids Activities Blog loves this simple project that puts a new spin on Easter eggs.

What a cute egg tutorial for making a filled egg for super cute Easter treats for kids

Egg Tutorial

What’s more fun than going on an Easter Egg Hunt for store bought plastic eggs?  Smashing Candy-Filled Easter Eggs you and your kids made yourself!  This post shares an easy egg tutorial on one of our family’s favorite Easter gifts to give and receive.  Little hands will enjoy the process of decorating eggs, filling them up, and most especially…CRACKING them!  And you’ll love the fact that using real egg shells is easier on the environment.  Plus there’s so much more room for creativity.

Materials for Your Homemade “Plastic” Easter Eggs

  • Eggs (white eggs show the dye better, but brown are great for sticker and marker designs)
  • Pot and boiling water for sterilizing blown out eggs
  • Mini cupcake or muffin tin liners
  • Glue
  • Candy, toys, or stickers
  • Optional: Egg dyeing materials (natural dyes, from a kit, or use food coloring)
  • Optional: Stickers, markers, or glitter glue

Easter Treats

Filled egg Easter treats are easy to make, especially with this easy tutorial

Filled Egg


  • Instead of blowing out the eggs, you can gently use a spoon to crack just one tip of the egg, pick off the end, and let the contents fall out into a bowl.
  • The hole you make at the end doesn’t need to be tiny since you’re covering it up with the cupcake liner and it won’t be seen.
  • Don’t throw away the raw egg whites and yolk – refrigerate and save them for your next omelet or have some baking projects lined up.
  • Boiling the egg shells before inserting candy should deal with contamination issues.  If you’re still feeling unsure about food safety, use wrapped candies instead, or go the toy/sticker route.
  • There’s no need to dye the eggs, just decorate them any way you’d like or even leave them plain – any way you do it they’re equally fun to smash!
  • After applying the glue to the egg and sticking on the liner, place your egg back into the egg carton for a safe place for it to wait until the glue dries.
  • Buy more candy or toys and stickers than you think will fit inside the eggs…it’s surprisingly roomy in there! You could even roll up a small bracelet or necklace.
  • If your children are going to eat the candy you’ve put inside the eggs, crack the eggs on your kitchen table or another clean surface instead of outside.  Obviously, this doesn’t apply if you’ve fit little toys or stickers inside the eggs.

Learning Extension

If your candy ends up getting dirty, don’t fret – you can always put the candy to good (possibly better!) use by using it in a counting or sorting activity.

Keep the original egg carton and have your child sort the candy or toys/stickers by color or shape in the individual cups.  You also can write a number at the bottom of each individual egg cup in the carton and ask your child to fill up the cup with the right number of goodies.

This simple egg tutorial will help you make filled egg Easter treats for your kids

And of course, you could just eat the candy anyway!

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