Share the Love: Heart Stones (Crafts for Kids)

Share the love this Valentines Day with cute crafts for kids.  These adorable heart stones will melt everyone’s hearts.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have had a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love.

Heart Stones Valentine's Day Craft

Share the Love

Let’s carpe diem Valentine’s Day! Let’s make it more than a romantic holiday for couples.

Valentine’s Day is more than a holiday for Lovers.
It’s a time to share love with Others!

We can do this through various kindness projects like making something for your neighbor, volunteering somewhere or the Heart Attack fun activity.  But today I want to share with you this activity that our family had lots of fun doing the “Share the Love Project.”

What you need is rocks, paint and kids ready to share kindness and love this month!

Start by collecting rocks or you can also purchase them if you’re not near an area with rocks.  My kids found these rocks out by the beach and I think I even collected some. I still haven’t gotten out of my rock collecting phase of life, ha, ha, ha.

Kids can Share the Love with just Paint and Stones!  Check out this craft for kids!

Crafts for Kids

Next prepare your area for painting. Paint the base and once the the paint has dried paint hearts over it.

Lastly, add your message to the back.  We wanted the people that found the rocks to know that God loves them. So that was our message but feel free to add whatever you want.

Kids can send a love message for Valentine's Day with these cute heart stones.

Heart Stones

For our indoor places we are taping a little message on a piece of paper that says “Share the Love Project- Kindness & Love give hope! Pass it on.”

Share the Love! Here’s the fun part.

Go to a park, the mall, grocery store, library, public bathrooms, hospital waiting room… and place the rock in a place that is visible. You can put it anywhere on the floor, on a shelf, by a vending machine… If you are more comfortable with doing this at places where you are familiar with the people you can share it with family members, at church or even at school.

Stop by and let us know what kind of response you received when someone spotted theirs.

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Valentine’s Day is a time to share the love with friends and family. We know you’ll love making these heart stones with your kids.  But we have more inspiring kids activities for you to consider:

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