We all want to find that perfect gift for our kids for Christmas.

Maybe it’s something from the store, or something we made.

Funny Video cat in Christmas present - Kids Activities Blog Feature
Open me!

Maybe it’s the pet they’ve been begging for…or the one we’ve wanted but wanted to surprise them with anyway.

So we work really hard to make the special moment special and when it comes, the chance to catch it on film is breathtaking.

To have those memories for life are more than any parent could ask for.

But sometimes, sometimes you catch a gem.

These parents wanted to capture the moment their young daughter received her first kitty, but instead caught the biggest surprise they could have imagined.

Take a look!

Funny cat video of kitty surprising a 3 year old for Christmas

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect with this video.

I thought it’d be one of those sweet, aww gee type things, but this is so so much better.

What a sneaky kitty!

This family is going to have a blast keeping up with these two in the coming years!

Good luck to all of you!


Oh!  And if you are simply a cat fan…we have some free cute cat coloring pages to download & print right now.

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