This Man Built A Window Into His Fence So His Dog Could See Out!

When you have a dog you love, you want to do whatever’s possible to make them happy. That means great food, lots of rubs, and plenty of socialization. But it seems no matter how much you try to please your dog, there’s always something more, right? Okay, not really…most are pretty easy going. My dogs love to go outside and bark. A lot. Mostly at the dogs on the other side of the fence. They can see them a little, but not quite enough. So while they’d probably love to hang out and talk dog gossip, they instead spend hours running back and forth barking over the fence. This would be a great fix, I think! Take a look!

So I’m definitely not handy enough to do this for myself, but next time I have a contractor putting a fence up, I think I might ask them for this specifically. I mean, what’s more awesome than giving my dogs a chance to hang out with the pups next door? Then again, if they make plans for a puppy bbq, I might have to put on the breaks…I’ve seen how fast they down a hot dog when given a chance…

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