My kids made this DIY Pumpkin Drink Holder for their Halloween party last year and it was big hit! It would actually be great for Trunk-or-Treat night or Fall Festivals too. It is super simple to make, plus older kids get to practice their knife carving skills (scary!). It’s another excuse to carve a pumpkin and save seeds for roasting. I’ll make any excuse to save seeds.

Our Pumpkin Autumn Vase Craft is another DIY pumpkin hack to try this fall season.

diy pumpkin holder hack

Choose a large pumpkin that is blemish free and thick skinned. You can use traditional orange pumpkins, but feel free to mix it up with white pumpkins and the ornamental varieties. Just be sure that your pumpkin is large enough that you can fill with ice and a few bottled drinks like orange soda and root beer. This DIY Pumpkin Drink Holder is the perfect party addition this fall.

diy pumpkin holder hack diy pumpkin holder hack

DIY Pumpkin Drink Holder

What you will need:

  • 1 large pumpkin
  • Sharp knife for carving
  • Spoon for scooping out seeds
  • Ice
  • Bottled drinks

First, cut the entire top of the pumpkin off. This may require that you cut as far as 1/3 from the top. This creates a serving bowl shape. Using spoon, scoop out flesh and seeds.

diy pumpkin holder hack

Fill with ice and bottled drinks about 10 minutes before serving.

diy pumpkin holder hack diy pumpkin holder hack

How fun is this DIY Pumpkin Drink Holder for all your fall parties?! We’re definitely making this again.

diy pumpkin holder hack

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