For my daughter and I, we do coloring activities to spend quality time together, but coloring books are not just things to color, you can make it so much more exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, coloring with crayons, markers, and pencils are great, but there is so much more you could do to really make your coloring pages a little extra.

Spending time with my daughter coloring is the best.

I hope you’re as excited to explore these different ways to color as I am. It really made coloring so much more fun!

Coloring Activities

Outline Picture With Colored Glue

Add some tempera paint to a liquid glue bottle and stir it into the glue.  Trace the outline of the pictures with the colored glue.  

Once the colored glue is dry, fill in the rest of the picture with crayons or colored pencils to create a contrast.

coloring activities with colored glue- green and purple dinosaurs with paint
Looks how unique the dinosaurs look!

Cover the Coloring Page in Pulses

Pour a layer of glue over the coloring page. Sprinkle items such as fennel, lentils, rice, or grains over the top of the picture to create a natural looking piece of artwork like our mandalas.

coloring activities with sprinkled itemsMake a Placemat with Colored Art

Cut out a rectangular piece of contact paper to be the size of a placemat.  Let your child cut out pictures from a coloring book and place the pictures on top of the contact paper.  

Cover the completed collage with another matching piece of contact paper.

colored art placematUse GlassCraft Marbles to Cover a Coloring Page

Collect  an assortment of flat, craft marbles and allow your child to fill in the picture with the marbles.  

A picture that has already been colored can be used for this.  No glue needed because this will be a temporary piece of art.

marble coloring activityCreate a Small World Scene

Choose animals from a coloring book that share the same habitat.  Glue the pages onto cardstock, cut them out, and then glue each animal onto a toilet paper tube.

 Create their habitat using a cardboard box, construction paper, glue, and natural materials.

coloring activity diarama  

Free Coloring Pages To Color

Now that you have all these cute ideas to make your coloring exciting, I want to share some of the awesome free coloring activities we have that you can print at home!

We have coloring activities for everyone regardless of age and skill!

Little boy is making his pumpkin textured with pumpkin seeds
His textured pumpkin is super cute

10 Cute Things to Color

Baby Shark 

This Baby Shark color by number will keep your little one busy for hours. Not only is it fun and you can decorate and color it any way you want, but it is educational.

Summer Baby Shark

Summer may be over, but you can still enjoy these Baby Shark summer coloring printables all year long!


These summer coloring pages depict the best things about summer like ice cream and popsicles!

Food Coloring

Love food coloring pictures? These pictures of fried chicken meals will make you so hungry!

Baby Shark

I hope your little one loves Baby Shark as much as we do! If so they’ll love the Baby Shark doodle page.


Sheep are so sweet and fluffy! This sheep coloring page would be so much fun to stick cotton balls to. It would make its wool almost look real!


You’ll absolutely love this beautiful bunny zentangle coloring sheet. It is one of my favorites.


Make a roar with this lion coloring sheet. The details are amazing! Plus we have a step by step guide to make it look real.


I love puppies! Especially this one! He has the cutest face ever. Hopefully you’ll love these puppy coloring pages as much as I do.

Baby Chick

This baby chick coloring page is another coloring page that would be so much fun to make textured.

Look how beautiful he is! I love him so much!

10 Cool Things To Color

Harry Potter

Learn Harry Potter spells from the movie with these free unofficial Harry Potter coloring pages.


Zoom through the sky with these glorious airplane coloring pages. They are actually based on Thunderbirds.

Ghost Busters

Who are you going to call to help you color these Ghost Busters coloring pages?

Baby Tiger

Be fierce with these adorable baby tiger coloring pages. These pictures are actually pretty amazing.


This isn’t a Baby Shark. This is more like daddy shark! This shark coloring page is gorgeous. Just wait until you see the detail in the water!


Blast off with these rocket coloring pages. This is actually part of our SpaceX series, because we at Kids Activities Blog love science!


Make a splash with these whale coloring pages. This is one of our many animal zentangles that we thing you will love.


These bee coloring pages are a buzz! This is another one of our super detailed coloring pages. I think this one would also be a ton of fun to make textured with black and yellow pom poms.

Interior Design

This interior design coloring book is great for everyone, including adults! It is perfect for regular coloring and for other type of coloring like with paints, fabric, beads, etc.

Snow Cone

Cool off with this awesome snow cone coloring page. The detail on this one is absolutely amazing!

Zentangle snow cone coloring sheet with a ton of design
Look at all the detail in the ice and the cone! Amazing!

Which coloring pages are your favorite? What coloring activities would you try? We would love to know!

More fun with crayons from kids activities blog

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