We are a little giddy to have these gorgeous free adult coloring pages with Joybird interior design pictures to share with you today.

We have 100s and 100s of free printable coloring pages for kids scattered across Kids Activities Blog, but rarely think of something specific for adults to color. This is actually kinda funny because I like to do colored pencil color by number to relax!

8 page free coloring book for adults from Joybird

Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

A huge thank you to Joybird for these adult coloring book pages that you can download and print at home. I hope that you will be sitting on your Joybird sofa as you relax and color.

I absolutely love, love, love my Joybird couch sectional sofa. <–If you haven’t read about my Joybird experience 3 years ago, check it out. We are about to move to a new home and I am designing the living room AROUND this piece of furniture.

Download & print the 8 page adult coloring book: Joybird Interior Design Coloring Book for Adults

8 adult coloring designs courtesy of Joybird

Interior Design Coloring Book

What is included in this free coloring book of artistic black and white line drawings?

  • Bedroom design coloring page with king-size bed, cherry blossom wall mural with round mirror and lighted garland between large windows and an area rug.
  • Living room coloring image with paneled walls, abstract bird artwork, rubber plants flanking a large sofa (has to be Joybird) behind a modern coffee table with a cup of coffee.
  • Printable food fun image with three ice cream cones, lemons, watermelon, rice, spatula and what looks to be a hibachi platter.
  • Unique coloring page with media room wall displaying album covers over a traditional suitcase record player and speakers resting on a modern credenza with covered storage and shelves.
  • Adult coloring page with a fully-stocked mobile bar, “Happy Hour” sign and rubber plants.
  • Coloring design displaying a family room image with family art wall, modern sofa with throw pillows and blanket on an area run in front of a coffee table with a cup of coffee.
  • Modern library coloring picture with full bookcase, reading table with a cup of tea, comfortable chair on a round area rug.
  • Line drawing of a room I need in my house. It looks like a plant room! Modern storage unit with multiple succulents and potted plants next to a large window with more plants and a watering can. Over it all is a plaque stating “Plant Queen!”.
Coloring for adults is like a mini-vacation…almost as relaxing as this bedroom scene!

Escape-Worthy Coloring Page Relaxation

Joybird describes this as “escape-worthy” and I can’t agree more. This year has been a little more than any of us bargained for and it is really nice to find a free, stress-reducing, fun and relaxing activity for adults.

Many kids will enjoy these coloring pages too. I know as a teenager I was obsessed with interior design and would have been excited to spend a lazy afternoon coloring these pages.

Media room coloring page design

Coloring Page Supplies for Adults

Ok, here is the deal. You can go find the big bucket of used and broken crayons in the kids’ drawers, or you can secretly keep some coloring page supplies for yourself. These are some of our favorite supplies (affiliate) for coloring books:

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I love this creative coloring page design…oh, what colors will I choose?

More Free Coloring Pages for Adults

While we generally publish things for kids, here are some of the more intricate designs that adults have loved:

Let us know how the coloring goes. I am printing off a set for myself right now…oh, and Joybird would love if you post the results online that you use the #joybirdcolors hashtag. Tag us too at #kidsactivitiesblog!

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