Summer is the perfect time for tons of tie dye projects. From bright, colorful shirts to  super fun artwork, it’s so much fun to get outside and create something fun! Check out these Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

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Nothing says summer like easy tie dye for kids

Here’s a unique way to tie dye shirts with an unexpected ingredient! 

How awesome is this tie dyed teepee from I Love to Create?! It’s perfect for backyard camping! 

Popcosmo‘s Tie dye shorts are a summer outfit staple. 

These tie dye Mickey shirts would be perfect for a trip to Disney World. 

Use food coloring and paper towels to make easy tie dye art

Make tie dye art with baby wipes with this fun idea from I Can Teach My Child.

Use water guns to tie dye a beautiful outdoor blanket with this tutorial from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Tie Dye Crafts for Kids

How beautiful is this ombre tie dye shirt from I Love To Create?! 

Wip and Whistle‘s dip dye T-shirts can be made in your kitchen sink.

Turn a tie dye shirt into a bag with these simple steps from Skip To My Lou.

Use markers to tie dye a pair of shoes with this cute idea from So Craftastic.

This watermelon tie dye shirt from Sweet Lil You is the sweetest! 

Throw a tie dye party and let everyone make their own shirt to take home with this fun idea from By Stephanie Lynn.

Make a tie dyed garden flag from an old T-shirt with this tutorial from Happiness is Homemade.

Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Tie Dye Tips 

Tie dye is a great way to keep kids busy and creative all summer long! Here are a few tips:

  • Take advantage of the warmer weather and tie dye outside. This makes for a much easier clean up, and allows for some fun in the sun!
  • Buy a white sheet to set down on the ground to tie dye on. Not only does this contain the mess, over time, the sheet will become colorful enough to use for picnics!
  • Once your tie dye projects are finished, let them sit for 24 hours before washing out the dye. This allows for more vibrant colors!
  • Keep plastic gloves and bags in your car over the summer. This way you will always be prepared for fun with tie dye!
  • Whenever you see white tees, tanks, or tote bags on sale, buy them, and save them for tie dye. This will save you a trip to the store before a last minute tie dye party or event!

Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Some of Our Favorite Tie Dye Must-Haves

You don’t need too many things when it comes to tie dye projects, but here are some of our favorite tools:

This kit has everything you need as far as the dye goes. 

Here is everything you need as far as tie-dye accessories: from the things to tie dye, to the rubber bands, baggies, and even a plastic sheet to lay on the ground.

That’s really all you need to throw an epic tie dye party this summer! 

Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Fun Summer Ideas For Kids

What is your favorite summer tie dye project? Comment below! 

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