9 Free Fun Beach Coloring Pages for Kids

Let’s celebrate summer with original and fun beach coloring pages for kids of all ages which make the perfect summer coloring pages! Grab your blue and sand colored crayons or water color paints because these beach coloring pages are a great way for kids to feel like they already have their toes in the surf.

Oh! And check out the design your own surfboard page which is very cool.

Beach Coloring Pages for Kids - Kids Activities Blog - printed pdf files for 6 different summer coloring pages shown on a water background
Let’s color these beach coloring pages…in June! {Giggle}

Free Printable Beach Coloring Pages

There are points throughout the year that you need a few quiet moments to dream you are sitting on a beach. For us, that usually happens in the summer! We designed these beach themed summer coloring pages with that in mind. To spark the interest of kids who might be missing the beach or preparing to visit soon on family vacation.

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Beach Coloring Page Set Includes

First, let’s take a look at what each of the pages in the beach coloring page set look like & then you can download and print the pdf versions of the entire set with the orange button below. You can put them all together and make a beach coloring book!

Sandcastle coloring page with pail pdf- Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Oh the fun of building a sandcastle at the beach!

1. Sand Castle Beach Coloring Page

Our first beach coloring pages has to do with our favorite thing to do on the beach is build sand castles! Grab a pail and a shovel along with some sand toys that can create molded sand for the castle. Dig a big hole that will fill with water next to the sandcastle because that will become a moat. This coloring page has all the fun of building sandcastles without any of the gritty sand.

Beach chair and beach umbrella coloring page - Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
What a relaxing beach scene to color…

2. Relaxing Beach Scene Summer Coloring Page

Ahhh…the bright yellow sun shines above the sandy beach where a striped towel is spread out next to a beach chair under an umbrella. Don’t forget to apply suntan lotion! We placed it right beside the beach chair on this beach coloring page so you would remember. Grab your most colorful crayons because the beach towel, chair and umbrella are waiting for summer colors.

Oh, and you might want to add a colorful beach ball!

Baby at the beach with umbrella coloring page - free printable from Kids Activities Blog
Baby at the beach coloring page for sandy fun!

3. Baby at the Beach Coloring Sheet

Oh the cuteness of baby at the beach on this summer coloring page! Check out the baby sitting upright in a tiny beach chair under a tiny sun umbrella next to a pile of sand with bucket and shovel waiting. My favorite part of this beach coloring page is the polka dots on the beach umbrella.

kid with snorkel and mask coloring page - Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s go snorkeling via this coloring page!

4. Kid with Mask & Snorkel Coloring Page

Our next beach coloring page has an underwater theme. Older kids may have experienced the joy of snorkeling in the ocean and understand how magical it is to put on a mask and a snorkel and suddenly join an entire new world you didn’t know existed just moments before. This cute snorkeling coloring page is a fun way for a child to get ready to jump in and explore the sea.

palm tree surf board and crab at ocean coloring page - Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color the palm tree next to the ocean waves!

5. Palm Tree at the Ocean Coloring Page

I love the sweet beach scene here on this beach coloring page. A tall palm tree with a surfboard ready for surf below next to a smiling crab who is about to jump into the roaring waves. Check out the coconuts about to fall! This is why sitting under palm trees is so dangerous {giggle}.

sea gull and sandcastle coloring page - Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Grab your gray and sandy colored crayons to color the seagull and sandcastle at the beach.

6. Seagull Coloring Page

You can rarely go to the beach without encountering seagulls which is why you need this beach coloring page. This seagull is standing on the sand next to sea shells and a fully built sandcastle that would make any family proud of their sandcastle building skills!

kid surf board and surf coloring page - Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s go surfing coloring page!

7. Surfing Coloring Page

In this beach coloring sheet we have the perfect beach picture, a child is clutching a surfboard and ready to jump into the waves. I think you are going to need several shades of blue and green to finish this coloring page!

design your own surfboard coloring page - Free Printable from Kids Activities Blog
Design your own surfboard with this printable!

8. Design Your Own Surfboard Printable

This is my favorite beach themed printable in the summer coloring page set! Grab everything from crayons, markers to stickers and patterned tape and have a great time designing the surfboard of your dreams.

Print out multiple versions and make them all different. Mount them to a stiff paper backing (oooo…patterned would be cool!) and cut them out for display.

June Coloring page pdf shown with the words JUNE and a beach umbrella on sand with starfish - free printable coloring page from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color this June coloring page with a beach theme!

9. June Summer Coloring Page

Our last beach coloring sheet in the printable set is what we are calling our June coloring page. We thought it would be fun to celebrate the month where the beach is just the right temperature…not too hot, not too cold. This printable pdf has soft sand, a beach umbrella, sea shells, a starfish and a pail with shovel.

Download & Print the Beach Coloring Pages PDF Files Here


Summer coloring pages are great for kids because they make quick, easy, and inexpensive entertainment.


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Which of the beach coloring pages are your favorite? What color are you going to use to design your own surfboard?Save

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