Band bracelets are the rage right now! They are taking over our family. We have made them for our friends, gifted at least a dozen kits to pals who were lacking looms. We have glow-in-the-dark bracelets, big, thick bracelets, rainbow fishtails… But… the bracelets our kids love the most are the ones that their friends made for them. valentine printable

Band Bracelet Valentines Kids Can Make!

Our kids know how much time it takes to create these labors of love and they cherish the ones their friends have made! For Valentines they are making bracelets looking forward to gifting them to some of their “besties”. If you don’t have a loom, Amazon has a bunch. They also have lots of additional band bracelet supplies. (affiliate links) valentine printable

Band Bracelet Valentines Printable

Glue the circle from the printable onto a larger circle cut from the red card-stock paper. Cut slits into the sides of the circle. Wrap your band bracelet into the slits. Gift to your pals. valentine printable

Do your kids *love* “accessory activities”?

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