We can’t wait to show you our 20 Favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts! Kids love showing others they care, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share the love. We hope these Valentine’s Day crafts will help inspire you to do just that! These DIY Valentine’s day crafts are perfect for kids of all ages whether they’re at home or in the classroom.

Text: 20 of Our Favorite Valentine's Day Crafts- Kids Activities Blog- Weaving heart plate with string, pink, purple, and bubble gum pink heart wreath, I love you Mommy sign language art, pin and thread heart craft, colorful doily heart window hanger, lace, paper heart with arrow craft, penguin with heart paper craft, paper headband with hearts and glitter
I love all these fun heart-shaped crafts!

Valentine’s Crafts

Valentine’s Day is coming and these fun and simple crafts are perfect for kids of all ages like: toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids. Not only are these Valentine’s crafts fun and simple and full of love and hearts, but these Valentine’s day craft ideas are also budget-friendly, which is always a plus.

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These Valentine’s crafts are cute, and are great DIY gift ideas, are easy and adorable, and kids will love making them.

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Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

These Valentine’s Day Crafts are easy for kids to make. They will love making valentines, from the heart, to give to family and friends!

1. Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Craft

Valentines day crafts- homemade valentines day hearts pink, purple, and red- kids activities blog
Make everyone you care about these lovely hearts!

Help your kids make a Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift they can share with friends, or their teacher!

2. Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Craft

Valentines day crafts- pink, light pink, and purple heart wreath- kids activities blog
Decorate your home or classroom with these simple paper heart wreaths.

Thanks to this fun idea from The Resourceful Mama, your little ones will be so proud to hang a pretty Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath, that they made, on your front door!

3. Heart Penguin Craft For Kids

Valentines day craft- black and white penguin with pink heart against a white background- kids activities blog
How sweet is this little Valentine’s day penguin?

Kids love penguins! You’ve gotta check out this Heart Penguin Craft for kids, from Simple Mom Project. it’s so cute!

4. Threaded Heart Paper Plate Craft

Valentines day craft- heart paper plate lacing card with red and white yarn- kids activities blog
Practice fine motor skills with these heart shaped lacing cards.

Learn basic sewing skills with this pretty Threaded Heart Paper Plate Craft for Valentine’s Day, from Easy Peasy and Fun.

5. Valentine’s Day Crown Craft

Valentines day crafts- valentines day pink and red heart crown- kids activities blog
You can be the queen or king or hearts with this heart crown.

Younger kids will enjoy making their very own Valentines Crowns with this fun idea from What Can We Do with Paper and Glue.

6. Valentine’s Day Cards Craft

Love owls? Here’s some Valentine’s Day Cards that kids can make, from Hello Wonderful. These are such a hoot!

7. DIY Valentine Bird Feeders Craft

Valentines day craft- heart shaped bird feeder with ribbons on a pink background- kids activities blog
You can even give a Valentines gift to the animals outside!

These DIY Valentine Bird Feeders, from Wine And Glue, are perfect for the little love birds in your life.

Valentine Crafts That Are Perfect for the Classroom!

20 of Our Favorite Valentine's Day Crafts- Pin and string heart shaped craft- I love you button picture frame, paper heart crown, paper doily wall hanger, I love you sign language happy Valentine's Day Card, pink and red heart love paper plate owl craft
How sweet are these Valentine’s crafts?!

Looking for fun Valentine’s Day crafts for your classroom? Search no further!

8. Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Show Love with this Homemade Valentines Day Card using your kids handprint as a keepsake.

9. Mini Paper Valentine Dinosaurs Craft

Valentines day crafts- dinosaur valentines craft cards with paper plates- kids activities blog
Nothing says Valentines day like dinosaurs and hearts.

Dinosaur lovers will have a great time creating these Mini Paper Plate Dinosaurs. Such an awesome Valentine’s craft idea from Crafty Morning!

10. Heart String Art Project

Valentines day crafts- green heart string craft on rainbow canvas- kids activities blog
Make beautiful string art this Valentine’s day!

Your kids will want to display this colorful and bright Heart String Art Project, from Sugar Bee Crafts, and so will YOU!

11. DIY Valentine’s Day Banner Craft

Valentines day crafts- heart and white banner with flowers- kids activities blog
Decorate with this super cute Valentine’s day banner.

Have your students help create a DIY Valentine’s Day Banner for your classroom! This is also a great way to use up red Christmas supplies, left over from Christmas!

12. Melted Bead Heart Wind Chimes

Valentines day crafts- heart wind chimes red, pink, and white outside- kids activities blog
Even outside can be festive with this heart windchime.

No Time For Flash Cards’ Melted Bead Heart Wind Chimes is  a super cool craft! Kids will need adult supervision while making it, but it would be a cool project to work on with a class!

13. Charming Valentine’s Day Owl Craft

Valentines day- pink and red heart paper plate owl craft-kids activities blog
Whooo is this Valentines day art for? Get it? I’ll see myself out…

Whooooo else wants to make this Charming Valentine’s Day Owl, from Artsy Momma?

More Valentine’s Day Projects Kids will Love!

20 of Our Favorite Valentine's Day Crafts- painted rocks, A Kiss from me to you card, DIY popsicle stick picture frame craft, Valentines kids windsock craft, Valentine Suncatcher, Valentine's Day Heart Rocks, Valentine's Crafts for kids
I love the homemade Valentine’s day cards!

I don’t think that there’s such a thing as too many Valentine’s Day crafts! They are just so fun to make, and it’s even more fun to craft for others!

14. Free Printable A Kiss From Me To You Card

Valentines day crafts- printable hershey kiss cards- kids activities blog
Hershey kisses and Valentines day cards? Yes please?

Use our free printable to make your very own Simple Homemade Valentines “A Kiss from Me to You”, this year!

15. DIY Popsicle Picture Frame Craft For Valentine’s Day

Valentines day crafts for kids- red button valentines day picture frame- kids activities blog
Make your own picture frame!

Craft Create Cook has the cutest and easiest DIY Popsicle Stick Picture Frame Craft for Valentine’s Day! Pop a Valentine’s Day drawing or message in the middle for Valentine’s Day, and then it can even be replaced with a photo for the rest of the year!

16. Valentine’s Kids Windsock Craft

Valentines day craft- windsock red white and pink with a heart- kids activities blog
Use basic items to make this festive Valentines day windsock craft.

I love this idea from Non-Toy Gifts, using tins cans and leftover party streamers to make a Valentines Kids Windsock Craft.

17. Valentine Suncatcher Craft

Valentines day craft- heart doily pastel sun catcher with string- kids activities blog
I love these heart sun catchers!

I’ve never seen this before! Use watercolors to paint paper heart doilies for a colorful Valentine Suncatcher, from Cutting Tiny Bites.

18. Valentine’s Day Heart Rock Craft

Valentines day crafts- painted stones with hearts and words- kids activities blog
Love painting rocks? Make these Valentines day rocks!

Share the Love with these Valentine’s Day Heart Rocks. My kids had so much fun placing these around town for others to find!

19. 18 Valentine’s Crafts For Kids

Valentines day crafts- text: 18 valentines day crafts for kids- kids activities blog
We have 18 more great Valentine’s day crafts for kids.

Be sure to also check out these 18 Valentines Crafts for Kids while you’re looking for some Valentines Day crafts inspiration!

20. Valentine’s Day Photo Frame Craft For Kids

Valentines day crafts- sweet tart crafts pink paper with heart- kids activities blog
Who knew you could craft with sweet tarts?!

Make this Valentine’s Day Photo Frame this Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day Activities and Treats for Kids From Kids Activities Blog

20 of Our Favorite Valentine's Day Crafts- Kids Activities Blog- Pin and thread craft, heart shaped wreath craft, woven paper plate string craft
There is a heart shaped craft for everyone!

Check out this big list of activities for Valentine’s day.

Do you make DIY Valentines and decorations with your kids, or prefer store-bought? Comment below! 

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