No one wants to get into trouble, but it seems when kids try to save face they tell stories far beyond what any adult could think up. 

I did not eat the donut video - Kids Activities Blog
You need to listen to what I have to say…not what I did!

Seriously, who could be mad a that face?

Those eyes? 

Kids are incorrigible, but that’s part of what we love about them, right?

This video makes me giggle because everyone is very aware of what REALLY happened.  And super kudos to mom for a quietly effective investigation!

I Did Not Eat The Donut Video

You’d think when mama points out that the donut is still sitting right next to the kiddo that she’d fess up, but nope!

She did not eat that donut, and that’s the story she’s sticking to.

Do you have a cute story of a fib your child told?


Has your child ever told a fib?

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