We have the best Star Wars crafts & ideas for kids! Star Wars fans, rejoice! If you need Star Wars party ideas or a fun craft or recipe for movie night, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 30 Star Wars crafts and activities for kids of all ages…or Star Wars fans of ANY age! May the creative force be with you!

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Let’s make a Star Wars craft today!

Favorite Star Wars Crafts for Kids

My family is big on Star Wars and all things Star Wars. You can probably hear the Star Wars theme coming from the living room once a week. Because of this, I decided to gather fun the best Star Wars crafts I could find.

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Not only would it be a fun way to spend time with my kids, but it would be a great way to create things to celebrate for: birthdays, May The Fourth, new Star Wars movies. So now it is time to bust out The Force and get to crafting!

DIY Star Wars Food Crafts

DIY Star wars food with cookies, breakfast, and rice krispy treats.
Those Darth Vader cookies look so good!

1. Lightsaber Candy

Make your own lightsaber candy! Everyone will love these salty and sweet lightsaber pretzel rods. They make fun party favors, too! via One Crazy House 

2. Star Wars Cupcakes

Princess Leia cupcakes are adorable and fun to make! Star Wars cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties or even just because! via Totally the Bomb

3. Star Wars Cake Pops

Cake pops are all the rage right now, and for good reason…they’re delicious! And not to worry, these Star Wars cake pops are just as delicious as they are cute. via ehow

4. Wookie Food

No no, we aren’t making food for Wookies, though I think it would be fun to explore what Wookies eat. You’ll want to check out these super fun Ewok and Wookiee Granola bars though. They’re more like a dessert, but still yummy. via Totally the Bomb

5. Kix Star Wars Mix

This Star Wars Treat Mix is so cute! It’s full of Yodas, lightsabers, Chewbaccas, and stormtroopers. Your child, and you, will be excited to snack on this Kix Star Wars mix. It’s delicious and sweet. via Kix Cereal 

6. Tie Fighter Cookies

Tie Fighters are may favorite. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the sound the made as they dashed into battle. Now you can send kids home with these Tie Fighter cookies. via Simplistically Living 

7. Chewbacca Cookies

Bake a batch of delicious Chewbacca cookies for everyone to enjoy. I guess they don’t call Chewbacca “Chewie” for nothing! …..I’ll see myself out now. via Simplistically Living 

Star Wars crafts and recipes with cookies, puppets, and lightsabers
That Kix Star Wars mix looks fun and tasty!

8. Galaxy Cookies

In a Galaxy far…well you know how it goes, and luckily you won’t have to go far away for these galaxy cookies. We’re pretty sure that making these Galaxy sugar cookies will make you the coolest person ever.

9. Bantha Milk

How cool would it be to sip on this Bantha Cocoa? It’s blue and fun, and in case you don’t know a Bantha is a giant hairy creature with ram horns. You can see them being ridden in A New Hope by the Tusken Raiders when they’re on Tatooine. via Totally the Bomb 

10. Star Wars Breakfast

A Star Wars breakfast is a great way to get your kids to eat. A Chewbacca made out of bacon? A thousand times yes! Don’t forget about his hash brown fur! Yum! via Carrie Elle

11. Star Wars Crescent Rolls

Star Wars for breakfast? I’m game! Breakfast isn’t complete without some kind of delicious bread to eat along with your eggs and now you can enjoy breakfast with all your favorite characters like Darth Vader, C3P0, and more! via Simplistically Living

12. Darth Vader Cookies

Who wouldn’t join the dark side to take a bite out of these chocolate Darth Vader cookies? I most certainly would! via Mama Grubbs Grub 

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13. Wookie Cookies

Speaking of cookies, up for some Chewy Wookie Cookies, anyone? Perfect for a snack or a treat, these Wookie Cookies will quickly become a household favorite. via A Few Shortcuts

14. Star Wars BB8 Droid Quesadillas

Star Wars BB-8 Droid Quesadillas are as cute as they are delicious! BB8 was my favorite character in the newer movies. He was reliable and sassy, very similar to R2D2. via Totally the Bomb

15. Star Wars Treats

Is your house split between the dark side and the light? Make both sides happy with Darth Vader and Yoda Rice Krispies Treats. These Star Wars treats are perfect just because or would make an awesome treat for a birthday party considering you can make both sides of the Force! via Mom Endeavors

DIY Star Wars Gifts You Can Make

DIY Star Wars Crafts with lightsaber pens and galaxy playdough
I love how bright those lightsaber pens are!

16. Lightsaber Pen

Go to battle with your lightsaber pens. Homework is just more fun with the force behind you! The best part is, the gel pens are so bright and vibrant, they almost look like real Lightsabers, just on a much smaller scale. via Kids Activities Blog 

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17. Galaxy Playdough

Explore the galaxy… or at least a pretend playdough world with a batch of Galaxy playdough. The playdough is as dark as space, but shines bright with all the stars of the galaxy! via I Should Be Mopping the Floor

18. DIY R2D2 Pencil Holder

Make a DIY R2-D2 pencil holder for your desk at home, or at the office. I think this is perfect for anyone who loves R2D2. via Crafts by Amanda

19. Star Wars Stitch Craft

This Star Wars Stitch Craft makes for a fun party activity. Plus, I think it would be super cute to learn how to stitch like this and perhaps add it to a handkerchief, pillow, or even shirt.  via Simplistically Living 

20. Millennium Falcon Bar Soap

Millennium Falcon Bar Soap make perfect party favors! These are so cool! They look just like the real Millennium Falcon! I will be making these! via Simplistically Living

21. Lightsaber Bubble Wands

Bubble wands also make terrific lightsabers! Blow the bubbles and battle them with the pool noodles! Plus, bubble wands generally come in a lot of colors so you could easily make dark side and light side lightsabers! via The Party Wall

DIY Star Wars Crafts

DIY Star Wars crafts with a R2D2 trash can, Darth Vader shoes, build a droid, and lightsaber bubble wands.
I know what I’ll be doing with my black tennis shoes!

22. Death Star Drawing

What a fun craft! Make a Death Star Ship – with crayon resist. This Death Star drawing involves both crayons and paint. It’s so cool! via Fun a Day

23. Star Wars Finger Puppets

Print up some Star Wars finger puppets and reenact scenes! On your tabletop! These puppets pair well with a series about Darth Vader and his kids Luke and Leia. This is a fun spin on the movies and doesn’t follow them, just a heads up. via All For the Boys 

24. R2D2 Trash Can

Create an R2D2 trash can using just a cheap, plain, white trash can! This droid is hungry for paper! And hopefully R2D2 will help your kids keep their rooms clean. via Kids Activities Blog 

25. Star Wars Nursery

Print out some wall art for your Star Wars nursery, kid’s room, or even your room. Print out the Force poster and then buy a frame to keep it save! via A Bubbly Life

26. Build A Droid

Use materials around your house to build a droid. Now you have have your own droid like C3P0, R2D2, and BB8, and the best part is you will also be recycling. I love any craft that allows my family to recycle. via All for the Boys

27. Darth Vader Shoes

Make a fashion statement with DIY Darth Vader shoes. They’re cool, fun, and shows off your dark side! via Twin Dragonfly Designs 

28. Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments will look great on your Christmas tree, and your house will smell fantastic. You can make Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and more! How fun and festive! via Mom Endeavors 

29. Death Star Pillow

Crochet a cozy little death star for the Star Wars fan in your life. This Death Star Pillow will take a little effort and skill, but it is so worth it in the end. Look how cute it is! I love it! via Pops De Milk

30. R2D2, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca Craft

Use toilet paper rolls to create your favorite characters. Here are R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia! Again, you get to recycle! Just make sure to save your toilet paper rolls or you can save your paper towel rolls and just trim them down. via Kids Activities Blog

31. Yoda Bag Puppet

This Yoda bag puppet will be a big hit with the kids! I remember making paper bag puppets when I was in school many..many…well you get it, a long time ago. But they were never this cool! via Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

32. Chewbacca Puppet

With faux fur and a popsicle stick, you can make your very own Chewbacca. It gets a little messy, though. But some of the best crafts are messy crafts and this one is no different! via Crafts by Amanda 

Simple ways to make a Baby Yoda drawing with how to draw baby yoda tutorial
Let’s learn how to draw Baby Yoda!

33. Draw Baby Yoda

You can easily learn to make your own Baby Yoda drawing by following our step by step guide.

34. Make a Star Wars Snowflake

Use this Star Wars snowflake pattern to fold and cut the cutest Mando and Baby Yoda snowflake.

35. Learn to Color with this Princess Leia Tutorial

I love these Princess Leia coloring pages and coloring tutorial created by a teenage artist specifically for Kids Activities Blog.

36. Download & Print Baby Yoda Coloring Pages

Start your Baby Yoda art with these free printable Baby Yoda coloring pages!

Star Wars Crafts Video Tutorials

37. Video: DIY Pool Noodle Lightsaber

Recycle this summer’s pool noodles to make super cool pool noodle lightsabers for the kids. Or for yourself. We won’t judge.

38. Video: DIY Lightsaber Popsicle

Cool off with a frozen lightsaber popsicle. Don’t worry about the mess or cold hands, the base of the lightsaber popsicle will keep your hands warm.

So many crafts and so little time! Hopefully you find a craft, activity, or even a recipe that your family will love! I know mine really enjoyed a lot of these! 

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What is your favorite Star Wars craft on the list…what will your kids make first?

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