We’ve made a lot of light saber crafts over the years, but these Light Saber Frozen Pops are definitely one of my favorites. If you’ve got a little Jedi at home, they’ll love munching down on their favorite frozen treat while battling the Empire. We’ve had lots of epic standoffs at our house! Light Saber Frozen Pop

Light Saber Crafts: Frozen Pops

Here’s what you need to make these Light Saber Crafts for your frozen pops:
  • Gray Felt (9×12 sheet)
  • Black Felt
  • Red Felt
  • White Felt
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Fold your sheet of gray felt in half horizontally. Cut it to be 2 inches wide, and use hot glue to secure the edges, making a long, thin pouch. Light Saber Frozen Pop Holder Supplies Cut two strips of black felt and glue onto the top and bottom of your pouch. Cut squares from the red and white felt and glue to the front to make buttons on your light saber holder. Light Saber Frozen Pop Holder Now, you just need to add a frozen pop to finish it off! Light Saber Frozen PopsLight Saber Frozen Pops Light Saber Frozen Pops Not quite as squishy as  pool noodle light sabers, but still fun, right? Now you just need some Star Wars toilet roll characters to go with them.  

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