Let’s have some fun kids Star Wars fun with Star Wars activities & crafts. What better way to celebrate May the Fourth than with Star Wars activities (we think every day should be Star Wars Day)! I won’t lie, as a Star Wars fan, May the 4th is one of my favorite holidays, but these fun Star Wars activities work well for Star War fans year round!

Star Wars Activities for Kids - Kids Activities Blog feature - collage of fun ideas for celebrating all things Star Wars with kids activities
Let’s play some Star Wars activities…

Star Wars Activities for Kids

My family and I love to go through and binge the Star Wars movie, try out Star Wars recipes, and do Star Wars activities which is why we are sharing our favorite Star Wars Activities for Kids!

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Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, or your kids are fans, these activities will keep everyone having fun together! You won’t believe the creative ways that you can make your own lightsabers, Star Wars food, and character crafts! So enjoy spending time with your family, get busy doing all these fun Star Wars activities, and give your little Padawan the fun the need to complete their Jedi training!

Fun Star Wars Crafts and Activities

1. R2D2 Trash Can Craft

R2D2 trash can made out of a white trash can, with black, silver, and blue tape making R2D2's features
Let’s celebrate R2D2!

Kids won’t forget to throw away trash with this amazing R2D2 craft that doubles as a fun decoration for their room! This is one Star Wars craft that is super easy to make!

2. Make Mini Lightsabers

These mini lightsabers from Play Trains are adorable! Plus they’re super simple to make! All you need is LED Finger Lights, Straws, and scissors and then you’ll be fighting off the Empire in no time.

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3. Make and Eat Darth Vader Cookies

Darth Vader Cookies - Star War cookies made from a cookie cutter - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make Star War cookies!

These Star Wars cookies are super easy to make from homemade sugar cookie dough or store-bought dough with just a bell cookie cutter!

4. Star Wars Perler Beads Ideas

Make your own Star Wars characters from Perler beads with this idea from Mama Smiles. You can make all your favorite characters like Leia, Luke, Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewie, and Hans Solo! Don’t forget to make their blasters and lightsabers!

5. Make & Eat a Darth Vader Cake

Darth vader cake on a plate. It is chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting with a black darth vader helmet with white features for the eyes, mouth, and rim of helmet.
Revenge never tasted so good!

If you need more Star Wars dessert inspiration, check out this amazing Darth Vader cake! This is perfect for your little Sith, or Jedi, depending. Either way, this will make your Star Wars party a hit!

6. Yoda Craft for Kids

Discuss colors and shapes as kids make this cute Yoda craft from Toddler Approved. This Yoda craft is perfect for smaller kids and is still fun. Make Yoda green with brown robes, don’t forget his red mouth, and big googly eyes!

7. Decorate a Star Wars Cake

Get inspired with this yummy decorated Star Wars cake from Mummy Mummy Mum. The best part is, this cake isn’t challenging to make. All you need is a spaceship mold and then decorate it accordingly! Decorate the Star Wars cake for the Rebellion or the Empire!

8. DIY Lightsaber for Star Wars Play

We are loving this idea from Nerdily! Save your wrapping paper cardboard tubes for this DIY Lightsaber Star Wars craft. This Star Wars craft is perfect for kids of any age, though smaller kids may need a little assistance making their very own Lightsaber! This DIY saber is super cool, a lot of fun, and promotes pretend play.

Star Wars activities for kids like mini lightsabers, R2D2 trash can, yoda paper craft, and foam lightsabers
Oh so much Stars Wars kids fun!

9. Eat Star Wars Themed Food

Your family will LOVE these Star Wars Themed foods. You’ll find delicious finger foods, dinner recipes, and even dessert recipes! Top off your delicious 3 course Star Wars-themed dinner with a Mandalorian drink!

10. Make a Yoda Handprint Craft

This super simple handprint Yoda craft, from Suzy Homeschooler, is perfect for any age! Make Yoda with finger paints! Your handprints are actually his large pointed ears, how cute!

11. Play a Star Wars Game

Move over Corellian Run, we have the Star Wars word run coming through! Sneak in some learning with this Star Wars game from The Pleasantest Thing. This is a fun way to learn words for bigger kids but can be used for smaller kids by making a picture of said word. The goal of this Star Wars game is to save each word from the Empire.

12. Craft Star Wars Characters for Play

three star wars character craft ideas using toilet paper rolls as craft supplies - Chewbacca, Princess Lei and R2D2
These Star Wars characters are so fun to make!

Make your own Star Wars dolls out of toilet paper rolls! This Star Wars craft lets you make your favorite Star Wars dolls using things around your house like paint, scissors, pencils, glue gun, beads, and of course, toilet paper tubes. You can make Chewbacca, Princess Leia and R2D2 with these instructions.

13. Tell Star Wars Stories

Tell Star Wars stories with these clever tips from Mama Smiles. This is a great way to tell bedtime stories to the most ardent Star Wars lovers. Each tip will make your Star Wars stories more exciting, more fun, and will ensure your kids will be fast asleep in no time.

14. Play with Star Wars Peg Dolls

Make This Simple Home’s adorable Star Wars peg dolls for hours of fun! This is a craft that is great for elementary kids or even middle school kids. Take wooden pegs and make Star Wars peg dolls based on your favorite characters like Darth Vader, Leia, C3P0, R2D2, and Luke!

15. Pen-sized Light Saber Fun

Grab a colorful gel pen and transform it easily into a lightsaber pen…super genius making everything so much cooler.

16. Take an Easy Baby Yoda Drawing Lesson

star wars drawing - How to Draw Baby Yoda drawing tutorial for kids. - printed Star Wars drawing lesson shown with art supplies
Learn how to draw The Mandalorian’s The Child aka Baby Yoda with simple step by step instructions.

Learn how to draw Baby Yoda which can translate into how to draw Yoda…because well, Baby Yoda and Yoda look a lot alike!

17. Cut a Yoda Snowflake Pattern

Star Wars snowflake cutting from Kids Activities blog
Let’s cut a Star Wars snowflake!

Make a yoda snowflake with this Mandalorian snowflake pattern.

10 Fun Star Wars Crafts and Activities for Kids
May the 4th Be With You!

More Star Wars Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Crafting with kids is so much fun, and playing games with them is even better. But, Star Wars activities make time with your kids extra special:

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Who is your favorite Star Wars activities?

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