Our house is buzzing with excitement for the new Star Wars movie. That has lead us to find all of the best Star wars themed gift ideas for every one in the family. From games, to clothing and even books we’ve got you covered!


Star Wars Toys and Games

Let’s start with the toy that is on the top of every kid’s wish list! The BB-8 droid is new, and our kids can’t wait to see it in action! This is a toy version that can be controlled with an app. These toy light sabers light up and make noises. Get matching ones so your kids can all be jedi together or put them on opposing sides of the force for epic pretend battles! Your kids can even dress up as every one’s favorite Star Wars villain, with this awesome Darth Vader mask and cape set or these Sith robes. For extra fun, you could get this Darth Vader helmet that changes your voice when you wear it. Hours of fun right there. However if your kids are on the light side of the force, you can snag these Jedi robes for them to play in, instead. If you want to keep it a bit more calm around your house they can still have their fun with this small scale epic assault  set. Lots of character options to choose from so they can recreate scenes from the movies. For younger kids that want in on the fun, try the Playskool Galactic Heroes set. The characters are larger and can endure the wear and tear that a younger child would put on them while  “battling” the siths. The only thing that could match that app controlled BB-8 droid in cooless points is this remote controlled Millennium Falcon. This is one of those toys that mommy and daddy  might have to buy for themselves instead of the kids! Speaking of BB-8 we are loving the new star wars Hot Wheels collection! BB-8 reimagined as a hot wheels car is just brilliant (would make a fabulous stocking stuffer too!). They have some of the older characters like a Boba Fett car  too! Have your little ones caught the Star Wars bug? Give them this awesome Darth Tater to play with! Mr Potato head just got a lot more awesome. Bath time just wouldn’t be complete without Star Wars bath toys. I know my kids can’t be the only ones that play Star Wars from the time they wake up in the morning until they fall back asleep. Do your kids love the furrier characters? This Furrbaca toy is hilarious and lots of fun for kids of every age. If your kids are craving toys that represent the new Star Wars Characters, this Clone Cody plush is the thing for them! It even talks! Stop for snacks in the middle of playtime, the  kids can use these fun Star Wars pez dispensers to divvy out their sweets!

Artistic  Star Wars Toys

Even the youngest of kids can interact with this fun imaginary ink set. Use water to paint the amazing scenes from the Star Wars movies. Design your own storm trooper. The kids will love to paint this ceramic storm trooper mask for display in their rooms. For the younger creative Star Wars fans get this fun Play Doh Millennium Falcon for them to play with! The possibilities are endless. For your older kids that are obsessed with the ships of Star Wars, get them this paper airplane book. They can use the (awesome) paper to fold their own ships! Let them get creative on their arms and legs with these Star Wars temporary tattoos. I definitely want to sneak some of these into the stockings on Christmas eve! 170+ Star Wars Gift Ideas

Star Wars Board Games

It’s not just about the video games anymore, try one of these board games that will get the whole family having fun together! Start with Star Wars Monopoly – it’s always fun to fly the ships around the boards and buy up your favorite planets locations from the movies. Then, you simply must play a rousing game of Star Wars guess who! Put your memory of all the characters and aliens to the test with this fun game. For younger kids this themed version of the popular Hasbro game, Sorry! will be the one they ask to play again and again. Another classic board game with a Star Wars twist is Battleship! Using all of your favorite star fighters from the movies and books to fight one another in this tried and true game. Then, merge Angry Birds and Star wars with this awesome new game of Jenga. So much more fun this way, you have to check out all the new rules to truly appreciate how awesome this is. In keeping with the angry birds theme, this Star Wars Pelepods game is one your kids will never forget. So fun! Death star vs the Rebel fleet Risk game is pure strategy and competition. Lots of toy ships and an engaging new board make for an awesome upgrade to this old favorite game.

Star Wars Clothing for Kids

Who says the fun has to end at bedtime? Send them to sleep in these Darth Vader PJs, the even have a cape! If your child has these, then they will obviously need some Darth Vader slippers to go with their new pajamas. If they don’t want to be a Sith lord all night, let them try one of these fun patterns from this 4 piece Star wars Pajama set, or better yet, these LEGO star wars pajamas! When they wake up in the morning, give them this fun hooded Star Wars towel to dry off with. If they are anything like our kids, they  won’t want to take it off. Headed out of the house? Your kids simply MUST be wearing this fun graphic Luke and Leia hooded jacket. The kid will love the battle scene on the front and the poster of their favorite classic characters on the back. To go with that rad jacket, they will obviously need this Vader gloves and hat  set too! Gotta keep the Force alive and warm within them, even on cold winter days. Not cold where you live? This flat brim storm trooper hat has got your covered. Literally. These subtle R2-D2 sunglasses will keep you looking awesome, no matter what the weather! Just enough awesome to make people look twice. Keep in time with the coolest watch around. Vader and storm troopers adorn this fun black and red Imperium watch. Your girls can learn the ways of the force with these obi-wan leggings. Perfect for winter and perfect for your girly Star Wars fan! Life wouldn’t be complete without making the  unmentionables  fun too. LEGO Star Wars underwear for kids, is one of the most fun things I’ve seen all day.

Star Wars Shirts

You may have heard that “these aren’t the droids you are looking for…” which is why this shirt that reads “We’re TOTALLY the droids you’re looking for” has us giggling. If you think that’s cute then you’ll love this Minion-Storm Trooper crossover shirt. It comes in lots of colors so each kiddo can get one in their favorite color. They also have an adorable girly storm trooper shirt. With pretty turquoise accents and an adorable cut for girls, this one is a definite win for the little girl in your life. This gray BB-8 T-shirt will have your kids grinning. The newest and cutest droid around totally deserves his own shirt. For the little man or little woman in your life… this “size matters not” shirt inspired by Yoda is the perfect gift. It’s Yoda green and even has the little guy on the front of it with is quote. Love it!

Galactic shoes

High top sketchers with Vader and the dark side on them? Yes. One thousand times yet. My only regret is that these only come in children’s sizes, no adult fit. These light up crocs with a Jedi light saber stretching around them, are the cutest little blue crocs we’ve ever seen! Crocs and Star Wars also joined together to make these fabulous BB-8 shoes! Bright orange and all kinds of awesome. Regardless of the shoes your kids choose, be sure they’re  wearing these Star Wars ankle socks.  

Star Wars Clothes for Adults

You can match with your kids when you wear your own ankle socks that have Star Wars characters on them. Finally something awesome that comes in adult sizes too! Ankle socks not your thing? There’s Storm Trooper crew socks and even Boba Fett socks to keep you warm too. These are awesome graphic Vans with classic characters and scenes. If you ever wanted Han Solo shoes, these are what you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Feel like relaxing? These Return of the Jedi lounge pants will keep you comfortable and feeling pretty cool at the same time. For chilly nights, you can’t be found without this furry Chewbaca jacket. I have a friend who owns one and it is awesome. If the jacket seems like a bit much you can wear these Rebel vs Imperium fingerless gloves instead. They have a subtle reference with the logo and other than that remain just classy black gloves. Keep the darker theme going with this awesome black hoodie, simply adorned with the Star Wars logo in lighter gray. For the music lovers, this imperial march shirt will be the perfect fit. It has the music for the song in addition to Vader and the troopers marching along. Music not your thing? Kick your feet up with this “casual Friday” storm trooper shirt.  I don’t know which clone  that is, but I feel like he and I could be friends. You’ve got shoes, you’ve got socks, but what about tights? C3-PO and R2-D2 tights  can basically go with anything, as can these movie poster tights from the first films. So much awesome. Can’t figure out what to wear with your fabulous new tights? This Darth Vader Dress is the obvious choice. Or you can slip your tights into this awesome pair of R2-D2 boots. They will definitely keep you  warm this winter! Lastly, if you need just a little bit of awesome in your life, show off your love for the SW ships with this Millennium Falcon necklace.

Star Wars Books

  Encourage your older kids to read, with these fun chapter books. They will start the series with Origami Yoda and read all the way through the attack of Jabba the Puppet! Your smaller readers who aren’t quite ready for chapters can enjoy the series of Star Wars Little Golden books. I didn’t know they had these until this week, but they are definitely going to be under the tree for our son this year! Got kids even younger? They even have a series of books for toddlers, including Star Wars ABCs and counting books! They are both clever and fun. star-wars-books For the long term fans of the book series, there was a new book recently released into the Star Wars Canon. It’s called Aftermath and will lead up to the Force Awakens. Get your kids in the kitchen with you when you use this wookie cookie cookbook! Does anything more need to be said? Even the title makes you smile! The budding artist in your life is bound to enjoy this Star Wars Doodle Book. They can draw all the great characters, droids and ships! The ultimate Star Wars sticker book is another great one for your  creative kids. They can make their own scenes and adventures on paper – so much fun! For the best of both worlds, you can get them the ultimate coloring and sticker book. Lots of creativity and fun to be had. Mom and dad are not left out of the fun, there is now a Star Wars Adult Coloring book, and it’s just as awesome as we hoped it would be. You can also  use these themed crayons too, for extra awesome. The Star Wars character encyclopedia is a classic. To be honest, my husband still has this one from when he was young and takes it out and looks through it sometimes. From the classics to the new – this Ships of the galaxy: journey to Star Wars: the Force Awakens. It is in full color and looks amazing.

The Force Awakens LEGO Sets

Like many parents, we were having trouble determining which LEGO sets were from the new movie and which were old favorites. So we called in a Star Wars LEGO expert to help us get it right… these next few sets are exclusively from the new movie. So if you want to make some one’s day (and seem like you really know your movies) grab one of these for them! Start with Rey’s speeder, it’s a new ship and looks utterly incredible. It is a hovership and comes with two new characters as well. A lot of the old favorite ships have gotten a reboot – the First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter  has several updates and looks incredible this time around. Poe’s X-wing is another classic ship with stellar updates. The orange accents (and new character) will make this one every LEGO loving kid will have to have! The First Order Transporter is huge and comes with 7 new characters. It has doors that really open and will certainly keep the kids busy long after they have built it for the first time. Spring loaded shooters, detachable weapon racks, and wings that go up and down Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle is a bigger LEGO set that your kids will love! The Millennium Falcon LEGO set. For those that are paying attention, you might be thinking that this doesn’t belong in the new LEGO set section, but it does! It’s gotten a few upgrades for the new film and it is looking better than ever! If you are starting your collection small, you can buy some of the new figurines on their own, before you purchase a full set. Get a snow trooper, Kylo Ren, and even LEGO BB-8 for starters!

Classic LEGO sets

Just because there is a new movie coming out, we can forget our old favorites, like the snow speeder (it comes with Luke Skywalker). For a stocking-stuffer size you can get this mini LEGO starfighter, complete with clone pilot! Want something a little bigger? There is a huge At-At model your kids can build. It’s over 12 inches high when assembled! The Mos Eisley Cantina LEGO set  is one that the kids can leave up and play as they bring more characters and sets into their rooms. If your kids are feeling extra ambitious they can make the entire death star! This set has almost four thousand pieces in it. That is hours and probably even days of fun creating it! If your kids like episodes 1-3 they can play with the older anakin skywalker in his Jedi inceptor by using this fun set! Stick with those episodes when you build this fun senate commando trooper set. Lots of troops and ammo to fight with! The Battle on Saleucami  set has just under 200 pieces and will be fun for your kids to act out after the build it! Your kids can build their own Darth Vader  with this fun set! It is just under a foot tall when built! Last, grab this Luke Skywalker LEGO watch for fun and practicality.

Fun Star Wars

Make your child’s year with this BB-8 bike and  matching helmet  OR this matching scooter/helmet set!  They will be zooming around the neighborhood like little droids. Welcome people to your home with this fun Star Wars entry mat. Share your love of the films with every one who comes to your house! You can also show your fandom pride with this awesome Ewok iphone cover. It comes in all sizes, so there’s really no excuse to ever have a boring phone again! Sending the kids off to school has never been so stylish. Give them this cool R2-D2 backpack to wear, a lunchbox and  a matching lanyard to use with their school name tag. They can even decorate their backpack with these fun Angry Birds Star Wars character keychains! If the kids have a bit farther to go than just school, send them traveling with this fun dark side luggage set. They can always keep dry with this light saber umbrella too. You can stand under my umbrella, but only if we are on the same side of the force! If it’s dark outside, equip them with this epic light saber flashlight for fun and nighttime battles. If the kids are saving up for more awesome gear, help  them do it with this fun Luke and Leia wallet!

Star Wars Room Decorations

It starts simple, with a movie poster on the wall, and before you know it the bedroom will be completely decked out in fandom gear. Totally not a bad thing! Go to sleep as the Force Awakens with this bedding set! Featuring characters from the new movie, this is a nice upgrade if your kids already had star wars sheets! If you want something smaller and more classic, this throw and plush set featuring Darth Vader might be just what the  room needs! Spruce up those shelves with this fun Leia bobble head and a brand new BB-8 bank! You can be sure to find your way in the dark with a good BB-8 night light or this set of three from the classic films. Wake up on time with this huge LEGO storm trooper alarm clock. It’s digital time, so kids of all ages will be able to read and set it on their own. Battle the forces of dirty laundry with this friendly and fun R2-D2 laundry  hamper! Maybe this will convince the kids to put the laundry where it belongs and not all over the floor!!! Let a little bit of the fun sneak over into the bathroom with this fun light saber toothbrush. Don’t worry it won’t cut out your teeth, it just cleans them!

Star Wars Gifts for Teens

Wood models are a thing of the past, now they are building with metal! These come in thin sheets which you punch out and assemble into all the best models of Star Wars ships. These are extremely durable and look awesome when displayed. If they want displays without the bother of building there are a variety of die cast models for ships like the First Order Tie Fighter vehicle. Another epic room addition is the death star planetarium. You can project earth’s sky or the star wars galaxy, and of course, compare the two! The Force Awakens figurine playset  has all the new characters that are already so popular. These are great for display or older kid play! If your kids are already driving, surprise them with this fun Millenium Falcon keychain. It’s a small way for them to show their love for star wars. We mentioned it before, but had to bring it up again, it’s that awesome! The app-controlled BB-8 droid is on every one’s short list, from the little kids all the way to the teens! It’s a must. Last, to spruce up any teen’s bathroom, give them this fun imperial shower curtain. It might be intimidating showering with all of those clone soldiers outside the door though.

Star Wars Gifts for Dad

This would not be complete without acknowledging where the kids got their love of the series from… dad! You know he wants in on some of this action too! The traditional tie gift gets a splash of cool with this skinny Yoda tie. Pretty awesome pattern for an even more awesome guy. For the more casual dad, get him this fun AT-AT beanie. It’s a nice way to keep him warm in style. If you have a dad who loves to cook (just not as much as he loves Star Wars) he needs this Darth Vader apron for wearing in the kitchen or at the grill. Help him be more productive throughout the day by giving him this cool R2-D2 car charger. A neat way to keep the fandom in the car and save time by charging on the way to work. The metal earth series expands to this Millennium Falcon model. It takes a decent amount of time to build it and then it can be on display forever. (My husband has one on his desk!) Comfort at home can get no better than these Sith dressing robes. Dark, black and so soft, dad is sure to love them. For the man cave, this landspeeder bottle opener will be the talk of any guy’s night!

Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets

Let’s start with baking, there’s no better reason to be in the kitchen than baking some delicious treats, like these amazing Yoda, Wookie and C3-PO cookie cutters! You can also make star wars ship cookies using these cookie cutters! Whichever fun type of cookie you choose, you’ll want to place them in this epic death star cookie jar. Careful pulling them out of the oven – use these Force Awakens pot holders to keep your hands safe. If you like your sweets a little bigger use this Vader cake pan to make a large, dark cake…or these themed cupcake holders for fun muffins/cupcakes. star-wars-kitchen From dessert to breakfast, keep the theme going, by using your new death star waffle maker to whip up some Star Wars breakfast! Pair the waffles with Darth Vader toast  (while drinking coffee from your Vader mug  or your Yoda mug, of course).. If you prefer pancakes to waffles you can use these villains and heroes pancake molds or the Star Wars ships pancake molds to brighten up your mornings. Your morning (or evening) coffee fix will certainly taste better when drunk out of these dark side espresso mugs. If coffee isn’t your thing, this death star tea infuser might be the perfect fandom purchase for you. Small and fun. Is it movie night? Darth Vader popcorn bowl is the perfect pairing with your favorite movie series (Episodes 4-6 of course). What would a movie night be without pizza? This R2-D2 pizza cutter even makes sound affects. I can’t handle how awesome it is. The best way to know when that pizza (or the cakes) are done is by using this spinning R2-D2 kitchen timer. Watching his head spin around just like it does in the movies is nothing short of adorable. Keep the drinks cold during the movie with ice formed in these fun Star Wars ice cube trays. Everything from Han solo (carbon frozen, naturally), to ships and droids! Since your drinks will be cold everyone will need a fun coaster. For everyday cooking you’ll need the R2-D2 measuring cups and of course the Millennium Falcon cutting board. Spice up your food with vader and storm trooper salt and pepper shakers, these look great on the kitchen table, especially right next to the children’s dinnerware set with scenes from the movies. You can use your light saber chopsticks to eat your favorite rice dishes, while the kids use their fun fork and spoons from the set above. Keep the passion going all through the day with the stainless steel “power of the dark side” water bottle. It’s a great one to carry to work or exercise. Shop for groceries with the classic poster decorated tote bag. It’s great for reusable shopping bags or trips to the beach. Lastly, clean up from your fun in the kitchen with these Han and Leia hand towels. “I love you….I know”.

Pregnancy and Baby Star Wars Fun

We can’t let kids and dads have all the fandom fun, expecting moms can share their nerdy side with this adorable “the force is strong with this one” maternity shirt. If that one is not quite what you are looking for we also found this adorable Darth Pregger shirt that is sure to get a giggle out of friends and family members. When baby is here, he or she will need all sorts of fun outfits, like this “future jedi” onesies for starters. Couldn’t be cuter! Go through the alphabet with mom and dad’s favorite movie. W is for Wookie is the adorable phrase on this sweet baby shirt. Put the baby is full on costume with this fun Wookie outfit for infants. So furry and adorable! Keep baby warm at night with these footie pjs. They are decorated with baby C3-PO and baby R2-D2 for the cutest PJs baby ever did wear! This is something you can save for the day baby is born. Let her head poke out of that cute little swaddle sporting this R2-D2 beanie. Sweet knitting makes it soft and perfect for baby’s first moments. Baby’s first toys simply must be on theme, get this C3-PO plush for baby’s nursery and the “goodnight Darth Vader” book to read in the evenings as you rock baby to sleep.

Star Wars Christmas

This year, you can have a themed Christmas surrounding the movie! Star with droid wrapping paper (to wrap all of the fun gifts listed above). Deck your tree with ornaments like Darth Santa, BB-8  Christmas ornament  and even the new characters from the Force Awakens have ornaments! Countdown the days til Christmas with this Star Wars LEGO advent calendar. We have to buy one for every kid in the house because these calendars are so well loved. The tree is well adorned, so you might as well make sure the fireplace is too, put up this cleverly stitched Yoda Christmas stockings and your kids are sure cheer! Christmas wouldn’t be complete without ugly sweater parties, right? This Darth Vader Christmas sweater will have more than one eyebrow raised at any party but if you really want to go all the way you have to get this Storm Trooper cardigan. If sweaters aren’t your thing here is a Darth-Vader-as-rudolf shirt you can wear everyday! We hope this huge list of everything Star wars has helped you in your holiday shopping or given you a smile today! When you are done with this list, check out one of our favorite Star Wars crafts to get your kids playing today!

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