Toddler tries to take 80-pound bulldog on a walk, but the bulldog isn’t having it [Video]

You know that feeling when you just learned how to do something new, and you just feel the urge to do it ALL THE TIME?

But then there are people around you who have known how to do that for, like, ever and they just aren’t sharing your enthusiasm?

Bulldog will not go for a walk video - Kids Activities Blog

Enter stage right: this 11-month old toddler and his 80-pound bulldog companion.

All’s this tot wants to do is take his bulldog on a walk, but the dog is just not having it.

“This is old news, kid, give me a break,” I imagine the bulldog thinking.

It would probably take the strength of eight toddlers to get this big guy to budge.

Toddler Trying to Walk a Bulldog Video

How precious is this pair?

The toddler’s infectious smile and laugh–and then he pulls so hard he falls right on his behind!

Cutest thing ever!

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