Helpful Financial Advice that will Make you Laugh [Video]

CREDIT CARD DEBT, does it ever end?

The cast of SNL shares some sound financial advice with everyone out there who just can’t get the numbers to add up in a video I just came across and can’t stop laughing…

Financial Advice for Everyone from SNL Video - Do not buy stuff - Kids activities blog
If only I could figure out this debt thing…

It plays like a familiar commercial that promises to consolidate debt, raise your credit ceiling, or give you new credit card benefits–except it’s the opposite.

It gives the very practical (yet so often ignored) advice that you simply shouldn’t spend money you don’t have!

But let Christ Parnell, Amy Poehler and Steve Martin tell you–they’re much funnier.

debt advice

It’s been estimated that 80% of Americans (excluding minors) are in debt.

And we all know that America itself is in a heap of debt so as cheesy as this is–it’s kind of a reality check!

Don’t Buy Stuff Video – SNL

But wait wait wait, what if I really want something? 🙂

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Did that video make you giggle and think about YOUR spending habits?