These fun and easy money gift ideas are creative ways to give money as a gift that is personalized and from the heart. There are some people on your gift list that are hard to buy for and these great ways to gift money makes it easy.

22 Creative Money Gift Ideas for Grads

Easy and Creative Ways To Gift Money

These are some really unique ways to give a kid what they really want, while wrapping it in a way that will make them smile! Sometimes giving money really is the best gift for a special occasion.

We have some really clever ways and creative ideas to give the gift of cash as a practical gift filled with so much fun. These are the best money gift ideas for the holiday season, in case of emergency, graduation money gift ideas, Christmas presents, a thoughtful gift for a baby shower, wedding gift or anytime you want to give the gift of money.

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1. Gift Card Snow Globe

money gift ideas- homemade snow glove with a gift card inside
What better way to gift a gift card than with a snowglobe?

Who doesn’t love gift cards?! You could give cold hard cash (protected inside!) or a gift card by glamming it up by creating a snow globe with this idea from All Things G&D.

2. Floating Funds Gift

money gift idea- girl holding balloon filled with confetti and money
Using balloons and confetti is a cute money gift idea.

This step tutorial and genius idea from Sugar and Charm is SO COOL! Fill clear balloons with confetti and some rolled up bills.

3. Light Bulb of Cash

Money gift ideas- fake light bulb with money, a card and tweezers to get the money
Grab the tweezers to get the money out of a fake light bulb!

Gift a kiddo a fake light bulb filled with bills, with his unique gift idea from Pinterest. Half the fun is that they will need tweezers to pull them out!

4. Dollar Tie Gift

Money gift ideas- money tie made from dollar bills
This money gift is so clever.

Fold dollar bills to make a tie, with this cool idea from My Weekly Pinspiration! This is perfect for a family member who needs a new dress shirt and laughs when they see the tie is made of money.

5. Emergency Cash Gift

money gift ideas- bottle filed with money with congratulations on the outside
This is a great money gift, because it allows someone to put money aside.

This DIY piggy bank (filled to the brim with starter cash) from The Crafty Blog Stalker is the perfect send-off for a new college student or anyone needing to start a in case of emergency fund.

6. Give Money Pizza

money gift ideas- cash and coins to look like a pizza
This is the cutest money gift idea!

This adorable idea from Hative is seriously a dorm life necessity, haha! All you need is a clean pizza box, and some cash! Is it a money box or a pizza box?

Unique Ways To Gift Money for Graduation

22 Creative Money Gift Ideas for Grads
We have even more cute ways to give money gifts with these fun ideas!

7. Give a Money Pad

Tear off sheets of (real) money, with this cool tutorial from Instructables Living! Make one yourself by gluing the ends of a fresh stack of one dollar bills with rubber cement.

8. Box Full of Money Balloons

Money gift ideas- balloons in a box with money inside each colorful balloon
Roll a bill into each balloon with a little note!

A box of balloons will surprise your kiddos. Loving this idea from Studio DIY! Roll up a bill and put it into each balloon, along with a little note. Fill them up with helium, and mail! 

Related: Money balloons gifts are super easy and fun to give!

9. Super Hero Banks

Great money ideas- super hero homemade banks using superman and batman logo on mason jars
What a great money gifting idea- a superhero bank!

Give your kids some money and a chance to learn how to save funds with a mason jar bank, with this idea from Fireflies and Mud Pies. This is a great way to give some Christmas cash.

10. Saving Picture Shadow Box Bank

Money gift ideas- shadowbox with pictures and words inside and money
A shadow box is a great way to give money.

Gift an event to your kids – and help them learn to save up for it!  This idea from A Mom’s Take is perfect for the gifts that you can’t afford yet.

11. Give a Money Lei

money gift ideas- lei made from dollars to look like traditional lei
I think this is one of the cutest money gifting ideas!

This DIY idea from One Hundred Dollars a Month is especially perfect for the Grad who is taking advantage of a gap year, or traveling before college starts!

12. Money Machine Gift that Keeps Giving

money gift ideas- dollar bill dispenser cube
What a cute way to gift money!

Okay, so this one isn’t so much a DIY as it is a “buy”, but who couldn’t use one of these really cool cash machines that dispense dollar bills as a gift.

Hide it and Surprise Them With Money! 

22 Creative Money Gift Ideas for Grads
Candy, and money?! Yes please!!

13. Candy Coins

Gift your kids a day at the arcades or the State Fair, along with a roll of quarters so they can enjoy the games with this brilliant idea from Martha Stewart

14. Money Origami gift

money gift idea- foreign money turned into an origami heart
Give money that has been turned into beautiful origami.

Put a creative twist on the money itself and dollar bill origami it into the shape of a star with this festive tutorial from Home Made Gifts Made Easy.

15. Candy Money Jar Gift

money gift ideas- m&ms and money in a jar with ribbon and Santa
Money and candy is the best gift in my opinion.

Check out this cool tutorial from Inking Idaho… Your kids will *think* they are getting a candy jar, and what kiddo doesn’t want a candy jar? But they’ll discover there’s actually a wad of money in there!

16. Money DOES Grow on Trees

money gift ideas- money tree topiary craft on wood background with blue planting pot
And who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

Make a money tree for a tween for any holiday, or a sweet Grad gift, with this cool idea from Then She Made! You can include it in an over-sized card to be a bit more discreet.

Cool Ways to Gift Money to Grads

22 Creative Money Gift Ideas for Grads

17. DIY Surprise Money Confetti Popper

This tutorial from Studio DIY is so fun! When your kiddo bursts the confetti, they will have a bonus surprise–cash!

18. Box of Chocolates Cash Gift

money gift ideas- a box of money instead of chocolates in a box with wrappers it is money with a wood background
This is such a cute way to give a money gift!

This fun idea from Life as Mom will make the kids think they’re getting a box of chocolates. But little do they know, there’s actually money inside!

19. Tacky Way Good Idea for Cash

money gift ideas- card with words scribbled out and rewritten "who cares, money" with money taped to it
This is a very silly way to give money!

How many kids actually reads the entire card, anyway? This idea from imgur is a fun way to make them laugh (and give them what they really want).

20. Money Rose Unique Gift

money gift ideas- money origami to look like a bloomed garden rose on a fake stem
I won’t lie, this money rose is actually very pretty.

This adorable tutorial from Felt Magnet teaches you how to create your own rose using bills. Adorable folding makes a sweet and creative gift!

21. It Pays to Soap Up for Hidden Treasure

money gift ideas- blue, yellow, purple soap with dollars in them
Kids will definitely be wshing their hands if they get this soap!

Follow this tutorial from Rustic Escentuals Crafting Library and learn how to fold a bill into a fun shape with origami, and then pour a translucent soap over the bills and let it harden. Your kids will get paid to wash their hands.

22. Stocking Stuffer/ Small Gift

money gift ideas- green soap with money in the middle in plastic heart.
You gotta wash your hands to get the money gift out!

This idea from Soap Queen is another version of  the money soap, above. Make these DIY melted soaps with money in the middle! Then as your kids wash they use the soap and the money will become available.

More Fun Money Gift & Gift Ideas from Kids Activities Blog 

What was your favorite of the money gift ideas? Do you have any creative ways to give money that we forgot?

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  1. I love the idea of giving the kids (and adults) experiences as gifts! Creating special memories is the best kind of gift. We usually do a house decluttering and donations before the holidays to prepare. I’m definitelly using some of your ideas for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These ideas are so cute!! I especially love the date night in a tin idea. Literally so simple, just things we’d usually buy but with an extra special feel! I’ll definitely be doing this to surprise my boyfriend.

    I also like the fact that you can make a basket out of literally any theme so it’s the perfect gift for anyone!
    Thanks so much!!!