This Free Kids Printable Wallet With Play Money from Little Learning Lovies is a great way to practice money skills in a fun, exciting way way with your little ones. We love sharing great money activities with you and sure hope you love this one!

Free Printable Wallet With Play Money makes learning and practicing US Money fun and easy! FREE from Kids Activities Blog. Made by Little Learning Lovies.

Free Kids Printable Wallet with Play Money

There are a lot of things we need to practice with our children and learning to handle money is a biggie.  Make it fun with this cute and free printable wallet!

It’s easy to put together and comes with play money that you can print and use (print off as much as you’d like!).  There’s even a charge card!

To assemble, fold the coin pouch so that there is a blank white back to glue to the wallet.  You’ll want to fold the card holder, too.  That’s designed so you can hold two cards.  Just fold the bottom up and glue the tabs to the top of the card holder.  Then fold the second set of tabs back and glue those to the wallet.

Your kids will have so much fun pretending to buy all kinds of things around the house, and they’ll learn a lot about making sure they get change back.  This could also be a great allowance system.  But I’ll let you have fun coming up with great ways to use this printable wallet!

Get your FREE Printable Wallet with Play Money!

Are you ready to print and play this fun activity?

I hope you enjoy these Free Printable Wallet With Play Money  from Little Learning Lovies and Kids Activities Blog!

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