My Grandma always said that she didn’t understand how families can afford to get by these days, considering how expensive everything is. Grandma was right. It’s tricky! What is your biggest money saving tip when it comes to raising a family?  

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip? 

I am so grateful that my Grandma made sure to pass on some of her thrifty ways, making sure I knew the value of a dollar (and how to stretch it!). 

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip? 

Create a Budget

And reaaaaally get used to sticking to it. Just like any other life change, starting a family budget might take some time and practice. It can be painful, at least in the beginning. “I spent how much at Starbucks this month?!”

If you fall off the wagon, just get back on. Honestly log each expense, even if it’s just for one month. I promise that logging all expenses will yield eye-opening information to help track where your money goes, allowing you to create a family budget that works

You don’t have to do anything elaborate as far as tracking your spending and the methods you use to create your budget. There are a few apps that I have tried, but I always go back to my trusty old Excel spreadsheet. The day I created it, I just googled budgeting spreadsheets, saw what was out there, and then made my own, based on my needs and what worked for me and my family. 

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

Always Pay Yourself First

As soon as money comes in, we tend to our bills and needs, as well as some of our wants. Commercials are constantly trying to con us into the latest and greatest everything. Why is it that we are so quick to take care of all of those things before paying the most important person–ourselves, and helping to secure our family’s future?

Try to save as much as you can each week, even if it’s $10.00. Every little bit helps! Open a savings account and have a certain amount automatically deducted from your checking account each week so that  you don’t have to think of it.

Whenever unexpected money comes your way (garage sale, emptying your change out of your car each week, work bonus or overtime, holiday gift money, even your tax refund) try to put a good portion of it toward savings. I know this is easier said than done, but even a small amount will start to add up!

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

Consign Your Family’s Old Clothes and Sports Gear

I am huge on reselling clothing, shoes, sports, and dance gear! Whenever my daughter outgrows her clothing, I keep a couple of her favorites (for her kids someday), and sell the rest. I do this with my own clothes, shoes, and handbags, too. I used to work directly with local consignment shops, but now I mostly do it through various apps. Any money made is then used toward the purchase of new clothing that we need. The end result is neater closets, more money in the clothing budget, plus helping the planet by recycling!

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

Save Money On Essentials With Some Preparation

Time is money (which is sort of frustrating as a busy mom)! But, by taking a few minutes here and there, you can save money on everyday things.

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

Save on Groceries

As you plan your grocery list/ meal plan for the week, actually check your cupboard and fridge. I am sometimes surprised with ingredients I already have in my kitchen that were on my grocery list for the week. Money saved!

I also cut my grocery budget in half by mostly shopping at Aldi (their organic selection is amazing and so cheap), and at the farmer’s market in the spring, summer, and fall.

Stick to your grocery budget! I usually budget in a small amount for “spontaneous” buys so we still feel like we leave the store with a treat, but we are still within our budget. 

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

Audit Your Subscriptions and Check Statements

It’s so easy to wind up with a ton of music, movie, and exercise apps and subscriptions that you no longer use! Every so often I go through and cancel the services we no longer need. A couple of times, I  noticed that I was still charged even after canceling, so keep an eye on those bank and credit card statements!

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?

Cut the Cord

Once I began lumping my cable payments into my “entertainment” section of our budget spreadsheet, I saw how much more money we could have to get out and do things. This finally motivated to kick cable to the curb, or at least downgrade.

I found a really cheap, contract-less streaming service, using my Apple TV and apps. It’s ran by a satellite dish company, but it’s way cheaper than the mainstream satellite services. These programs are becoming more mainstream now and are a great way to save! Netflix, Hulu, and Prime are also great options.

What Is Your Biggest Money Saving Tip?


I often revisit my financial goals, both short-term and long-term. I also keep a list of things we want and need. This helps keep me on track from cheating on my goals, because I have a clear vision of what I intend to do with my money. It really helps keep us on track!

Of course we occasionally splurge, but the interesting thing is that sometimes, when we finally have the money for one of the items we have been wanting, it’s no longer a want, and just gets crossed off the list!

Remember, the best part of life is the little things and the big moments. They usually don’t cost much, or are completely free. Hold onto those, and get to the point where your money is working for you so that you can enjoy even more of those important times! 

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More Money Saving Tips for Families

So, what is your biggest tip to save money? Comment below! 

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