The Force Strikes Again with This Funny Song [Video]

Star Wars fans, anyone?

So much silly fun for you today with this…

The Force is with this Funny Song Video - Kids Activities Blog
Silly songs sung at home in honor of the force…?

 What happens when Mom isn’t home, and Dad is a goofball?  


Lots and lots of this!  star wars oven kid

It’s the Oven Kid.

If your kids do not already watch The Oven Kid, they should – hilarious.  

This time, Chewbacca and Yoda come for a visit to the Bauer household.

Playing Music at Home when the Force is With You Video

Need another laugh?

Here are a couple of other You Tube channels that our kids LOVE!

From The Kid President.
ten things moms need to know

The Holderness Family is BACK!

play frozen parody

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Did you play along with the Star Wars song?