Fold a Cute Origami Shark Bookmark

Today we are making a super cute foldable origami shark. This folding shark craft doubles as an origami bookmark.

This origami shark craft is great for kids of all ages. Older kids will be able to follow the step by step folding directions to complete the origami themselves. Younger kids can help fold and decorate your adorable paper shark craft.

Origami Shark Bookmark - finished origami shark shown on dark blue paper with large googly eyes
Let’s make an origami shark!

I made this a bookmark because I thought, Hey! it’s summer and us parents are supposed to encourage reading.

What better way than with an adorable origami shark bookmark your kids can make themselves?

This origami shark craft also works great for Shark Week Celebrations! What fun!

While some sharks can be absolutely terrifying, other sharks can be totally cute and harmless.

“Hello, my name is Bruce!”

-Yes, I just quoted Bruce from Finding Nemo!

Your kids can choose how to decorate your origami shark craft, but my vote is for the kinder, gentler more fuzzy feeling shark!

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Make an Origami Shark Bookmark

how to make an origami shark bookmark - supplies needed include origami paper, scissors, glue and googly eyes pictured
This is what you will need to make an origami shark!

Supplies Needed

Origami Shark Bookmark Steps for folding the origami shark and adding embellishments - steps shown are 1-9 starting with a flat piece of 6x6 paper and ending with a folded origami shark bookmark finished
These are the folding steps to make an origami shark.

Step by Step Folding Directions for Origami Shark

  1. Choose the color of the shark you want to make. I chose a light blue.
  2. Turn your square origami paper diagonally and fold over so each corner is touching each other. Forming a large triangle (see step 2).
  3. Take the two pointed sizes and fold them up to form another smaller triangle (see step 3).
  4. Open up the two sides you just folded and take the top piece of paper and fold it down until it touches the point at the bottom. (see step 4)
  5. Take the two sides and fold them into the pocket you created in step 4 (see step 5).
  6. Turn the entire paper upside down and you will have your basic shape finished.
  7. It’s time to decorate! First, start by cutting out teeth using your scissors and white card stock. Then cut out a triangle for the mouth using another sheet of origami paper. I used a light pink.
  8. Glue the teeth onto the inside of your face. This is also the time to glue on your googly eyes and mouth piece.
  9. All that is left to do is cut out a few triangles for the fins. Glue these on and you are done with your Origami Shark Bookmark!

When you are all said and done, it should look something like this…

Origami Shark Bookmark Finished craft
Your origami shark bookmark is complete!

Next time your kids are reading and need to take a break, have them place their Origami Shark over the page as a bookmark.

He gives the look like he is biting into the pages! So adorable!

origami shark bookmark on book biting the corner of a page
This origami shark takes a bite out of books!
Yield: 1

Fold an Origami Shark

Cute Origami Shark Book Mark

Learn the simple steps to fold this cute origami shark that doubles as a bookmark. This craft is simple enough for younger kids with help and older kids can follow the instructions and fold the origami shark. Makes a great Shark Week craft for kids.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost free


  • Origami Paper (the 6-inch x 6-inch size)
  • White Cardstock
  • Googly Eyes


  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue (the clear drying kind)


  1. See the pictured steps above for more clarification.
  2. Fold your colored paper in half diagonally creating a triangle.
  3. Take the two pointed ends and fold up.
  4. Open the sides you just folded and fold down until it touches the bottom.
  5. Take two sides and fold them into pocket you created in step 4
  6. Turn paper upside down and you will have shark shape finished
  7. Decorate with teeth, mouth color (we used pink), googly eyes and add a shark fin and fins.
  8. Pocket in mouth doubles as a corner bookmark.

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Alrighty! How did your origami shark turn out? Is the origami shark bookmark biting your child’s favorite book?