We LOVE all things Shark Week!

Here are the best Shark Week books that kids of all ages can sink their teeth into!

Share the wonders of sharks with your kids!

If you have a shark lover, you’ll definitely want to order some of these asap! Shark week is usually in July, and you can use the opportunity to explore these magnificent creatures all month! Additionally, these books are great for the beach! I know it can be risky, but it’s worth your children’s fascination with these fantastic creatures!

Shark Books for Kids

We handpicked books for all ages to enjoy the wonders of sharks through facts and exciting stories! If you are shark fans, you don’t want to miss these engaging books for kids! Some even have interactive features which make them even more fun to read and experience! We know you’ll love to sink your teeth into these shark week books!

More Shark Books

To make it easy for you to shop these shark books, you can see all of and more ocean themed books by clicking here to view the full list in our book shop! Click the check box next to the books you want to add to your cart and then scroll down and find the ‘add to cart’ button on the left.

In addition to these, here are a few more shark week books you might like! These are strickly non-fiction and would be best for older children or young adults!

shark week books for kids

Shark Activities for Kids

Don’t forget to pair these Shark Week Books for Kids with great activities and snacks for even more hands-on learning experiences! Below you’ll also find free printables and we’ve even included shark week treats so you can go all out!

We hope you enjoy some of these ideas for Shark Week! Do you do anything special for Shark Week? Let us know what your favorite shark is!

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