40 Rubber Band Toys & Games Kids Can Make

We have so many delightful ways to make your own toys and games using rubber bands. From rubber band balls, to games, to vehicles powered by rubber bands, kids of all ages will love this easy rubber band projects and crafts. Making things with elastics are the perfect activity for kids from preschool, elementary school and high school. There is something to learn from rubber band crafts at home or in the classroom.

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Rubber band toys are so much more than just how to make a rubber band ball!

Homemade Rubber Band Toys

DIY toys and rubber band games can be so much fun! We’ve found some truly incredible rubber band toys we love. Rubber bands are a loop of rubber material that stretches and returns to original shape. Other names for rubber bands are elastic bands, elastics, lacky band or gum band.

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Who knew all the fun that could be had with a simple rubber band!

1. How to Make a Rubber Band Ball

Start with the traditional rubber band ball. I’m always amazed by how high these bounce, and how many directions they will fly. via wikiHow

2. DIY Labyrinth Style Rubber Band Maze

Make your own labyrinth style rubber band maze. Try to get the ball through the maze before a timer runs out. via The Creative Homemaker

3. Mini Sailboat Made with Rubber Bands

This is such a fun mini sailboat to make. Perfect for bath time play, or even in a backyard mini pool for boat races. via Inner Child Fun

STEM Activities Fueled by Elastics

4. DIY Crash Test Car Powered by Rubber Bands

Use rubber bands to make a crash test car. See if your car can keep the egg from cracking. via Instructables

5. DIY Rubber Band Race Car

This homemade rubber band race car is made using things that you’ll find lying around the house. It’s the perfect activity for a rainy day. via Your Modern Dad

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Elastics can be so much fun!

Rubber Band Games & Science Activities

6. Flying Paper Airplanes Game

Send your paper airplanes flying farther through space with these fun rubber band launchers. via Housing a Forest

7. Rubber Band Drag Race Game

Use leftover coffee cups to make these fun rubber band drag race cups! I’m envisioning hours of fun for all the kids with this one. via Steve Spangler Science

8. DIY Classic Yo-Yo with Rubber Bands

A new twist on the classic yo-yo, make this one at home using balloons and rubber bands. via Tinkerlab

9. Fun Wood and Band Toy Project

Blocks and bands make this fun wooden toy. It can bend and twist in so many different ways! via Petit & Small

10. Rubber Band Catapult Construction & Game

Send pom poms flying across the room when you construct a homemade catapult with elastics. We have several catapult designs that use things you already have around the house including rubber bands:

11. Homemade Elastic Flying Toy

A stick, a paper and a rubber band make this fun homemade flying toy. So easy and quick to make when the kids are bored. via Mini Eco

12. DIY Bubble Wand

Outdoor fun with rubber bands can be achieved with a spare sock, a paper cup and soapy water. I’ve never seen bubbles look like this! via Housing a Forest

13. DIY Drawing Machine Powered by Elastic Bands

Use rubber bands for art with this fun little tutorial. Make your own drawing machine for the kids to make cool patterns and express themselves artistically. via dezeen

14. Group Rubber Band Activity Idea

The power of teamwork can be taught with this simple rubber band activity. Great for group lessons with kids. via Science Gal

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 DIY Rubber Band Vehicles

15. Rubber Band Car Project

We love this rubber band car made using scratched CDs and an old paper towel roll. via Crafts by Amanda

16. DIY LEGO and Rubber Band Car

Pull out the LEGOs to construct this fun car that is powered by a rubber band. Majorly impressive. via Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

17. Paper Airplane Launcher Powered by Elastic Bands

A new way of making paper airplanes, these are adorable, tiny and can catch some major air when launched across the room with a rubber band! via A Little Learning for Two

18. DIY Rocket Launcher

Homemade rocket launcher made with cardboard tubes, fun paper and of course, our new favorite craft companion, rubber bands! via Pink Stripey Socks

19. Homemade Airplane Kit

Assemble your own paper airplane with this fun model plane kit, it’s powered by rubber bands.

20. Make a Target Practice Game

Fun target practice with these airplane shooters. Make them from home and create your own scoring systems as the kids improve their targeting skills. via All for the Boys

21. DIY Propeller Airplane Craft

These DIY propeller airplane is pretty spectacular. It will take off, fly and land beautifully and it’s a great science lesson for the kids. via Rubber Power

22. DIY Elastic Band Car Launcher

Launch your matchbox cars into the race with this really neat homemade rubber band car shoot. via Instructables

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Musical Toys Made with Rubber Bands

23. Simple Rubber Band Drum Set

Create this simple drum set to start your kids off with homemade rubber band instruments. via Oh Crafts

24. DIY Cardboard Guitar Craft

Your music group will not be complete with out a lead singer and guitarist. Create this fun cardboard guitar with rubber bands for strumming. via Make It & Love It

25. Rubber Band Mandolins Craft

Rubber band mandolins pair nicely with these cute bell shakers, they will round off your new little band quite nicely. via Hello Bee

26. Make a Homemade Harmonica with Rubber Bands

This fun little homemade harmonica will round off your rubber band music day with a special sound. via Mess for Less

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Rubber Band Art & Craft Ideas

27. Homemade Art Book Secured with Elastic Bands

Bind your homemade art book together with rubber bands. The inside can hold your favorite paintings or drawings. via Tinker Lab

28. Rubber Band Art Project

Wrap rubber bands around blocks, and then dip them in paint to get this fun striped affect on your paper. via Whip Up

29. DIY Stained Glass Craft Using Elastics

Create the stained glass affect on paper using a clipboard, paint and rubber bands! via Pure and Noble

30. Homemade Bookmarks Craft

Your kids can make their own bookmarks using fun ribbons, and cute rubber band hair ties. via My Busy Beehives

31. Textured Art Project

Cut up rubber bands and glue them in different designs to make a fun and textured piece of art. via Kristen’s Blog Life

32. Tie Dye with Rubber Bands

Gentle tie dye can be achieved with this fun tutorial for tissue paper and rubber band art. via Kitchen Table Classroom

33. Stamps Made with Elastics

These fun stamps are perfect for a toddler’s hands. They make such a fun affect on the paper when the little one is done with his art project. via Playtivities

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34. Rubber Band Sponge Painting

Sponge painting takes on a new life when it’s paired with rubber band crafts. We love the affect this leaves on the paper. via Babble Dabble Do

35. Homemade Elastics Paintbrushes

Homemade paintbrushes can be formed by cutting rubber bands in pieces and making your own desired size and length of brush. via Mess for Less

Fine Motor Activities With Rubber Band Games

36. Easy Rubber Band Game

This is a fun rubber band game for the kids to play while you cook dinner. Have a race and see who can get the most bands on a can before dinner is served. via Hands On As We Grow

37. How To Hold A Pencil is Easy with Rubber Bands

Help your child learn the proper way to hold a pencil by securing it in place with a rubber band bracelet. via Your Kids Ot

38. Rubber Band Passing Game

This rubber band passing activity is great for younger kids. It teaches control, grasp, and it’s a fun mildly competitive game that will keep them interested and having fun together. via Hands On As We Grow

39. Rubber Band STEM Games & Science Experiments

A fun experiment using rubber bands, have the kids guess how many bands are wrapped around the cork and then work on unwinding them all to see if their hypothesis was correct. via No Time for Flash Cards

40. DIY Rubber Band Geoboard Project

How to make geoboard has never been easier with this simple tutorial that walks you through the steps to creating your own rubber band geoboard for hours of shape making, STEM challenging fun!

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Rubber Band Jewelry Crafts

41. Rubber Band Bracelets & Charms You Can Make

These rubber band projects can keep your kids busy for weeks!

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