12 Fun DIY Fidget Toys for Kids

Let’s talk DIY fidget toys that you can make at home. Making your own fidgets can be part of the sensory fun! When you think of Sensory fidget toys, you might just think of the ever-popular fidget spinner, but there are a lot of really great fidget toys that can help expend nervous energy in little hands (or big hands…adults love these fidgets too!). 

fidget toys diy - Kids Activities Blog - 12 DIY Fidget Tools for Kids - 7 fun fidget toys pictured like lego spinner, wheel spinner, interlocking rings fidget
Oh so many fidget toys DIY ideas…!

Fidgets You Can Make

The idea of little fidget tools is not new at all. Caregivers and teachers have been coming up with great ideas to give sensory input in a quiet fidget way for some time. These fidget toy ideas are not only calming, but pretty fun as well!  

You can find some fun fidget toys to buy (see end of this article), but what we have collected here are some homemade fidget tools you can make yourself with things you already have around the house, scrap craft supplies or after a quick trip to the Dollar Store. <–Kids can help make their own fidgets!

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DIY Fidget Tools for Kids

We first started to use fidgets at our house as a toy and then noticed that it seemed a great way for my boys to focus a little better while they were playing so I handed them out strategically!  Long car rides went more easily, waits at the dentist office and even emotional times that might get more volatile.

What is a Sensory Fidget Toy? 

A fidget or fidget toy is an object that aids with focus and attention by allowing the brain to filter extraneous sensory information. By keeping the hands engaged in simple, repetitive motor movements, the user is able to “tune out” what would otherwise be distracting — lights, sounds, smells, movement, close proximity to other people.

Adapt and Learn

DIY Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have become super popular in the last few years. They are fun to use as a sensory aid, but also make a great toy and something kids can trade. The homemade fidget toys are even more fun…

DIY fidget spinner craft for kids to make their own fidgets - shown is a fidget spinner in action in the hand of a child
Let’s make our own fidget spinners!

1. Make a Craft Stick Fidget Spinner

This DIY fidget spinner is one of our favorite sensory crafts. You can customize the look – we love the black and white racing theme with colors that spin. Using craft sticks and decorative duct tape with a ball bearings center…it is easier than you might think to make so grab your glue gun.

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2. Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner

You can also make a fun LEGO spinner via Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls. What I like about this craft is that you probably have all the bricks you need to create it…which means you can make one right now…

Watch Short Video on How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner

3. Homemade Metal Fidget Spinner

Use the bearings from and old, broken skateboard to make a DIY metal spinner via All For The Boys.

4. Make a Wooden Spinner

If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can build a wooden spinner! via Instructables

DIY Fidgets

5. Pencil Size Quiet Fidget

You probably already have everything you need to make this simple fidget like pipe cleaners and plastic beads of different colors via The OT Toolbox. What I like is that it could easily and discreetly be used in the classroom because it is not noisy or obvious.

6. Homemade Putty

Make your own thinking putty – a slime/silly putty type of substance which is the perfect way to work out nervous energy via Natural Beach Living You can also buy it here!

7. DIY Fidget Bracelet

Wear this fidget bracelet so it’s always ready when you need it via Dejong Dream House. Someone looking at the bracelet would never guess that it has a secret…inside are hidden marbles or pony beads that make it the perfect self sensory therapy tool.

8. Interlocking Rings Fidget

The interlocking rings tutorial is no longer available online. The idea was to use craft rings and jewelry making supplies to create a small item that could be worn on a child’s finger in between uses while tucked away into the hand or left in the pocket.

DIY fidget spinners - three fidget spinners you can make at home
Make your own fidgets!

9. Homemade Pencil Topping Fidget

These pencil toppers are a quick and easy fidget tool you can make at home via The OT Tool Box. I love the idea that the fidget is ready at school whenever needed!

10. DIY Foot Fidget…YES!!!

This fun foot fidget attaches to your desk chair and is made from a pool noodle via Adapted World. This is super fun!

11. Make a Fidget Cube

  • You can also make your own fidget cube via Tex Workshop!
  • Also check out these really cool ideas for lots and lots of fidget cubes from Red Ted Art – they are really fun!

12. Homemade Water Bottle Fidget Toy

This simple fidget toy is made from a water bottle lid via Instructables.

13. Homemade Stress Balls

It is really easy to make your own stress balls to squeeze to relieve tension from The Chaos and the Clutter.

Fidgets We Like

If you don’t have time or energy to make a homemade fidget, here are a few that might do the trick…

More Sensory Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Which fun DIY fidget toys are you making first?


  1. My kids and I have made the lego spinners. I can’t wait to try some of these other fidget toy projects.

    To keep the fidget spinner fun going, my kids and I came up with a board game that uses the spinners. The goal of the game is to get from one side of a grid to the other by completing fidget spinner tricks and winning spinner challenges against your opponents. If anyone is interested its available to download on my blog, http://www.namesakedesign.com/2017/05/are-fidget-spinners-driving-you-crazy.html

  2. Olivia Stewart says:

    all these are great! I made all of them.they really help my friend savannah calm down! thank you for posting this!

  3. Olivia Stewart says:

    all these are great! I made all of them. they really helped my friend savannah calm down! thanks for posting this!

  4. Kristen Yard says:

    That’s awesome, Olivia! We are SO glad it helped!

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