Loom band charms are the coolest thing! You can make so many rubber band charms to add to your rubber band bracelets. Kids of all ages will love making these loom band charms. Whether you’re a big kid or younger kids you can make the sweetest charms. This is the perfect loom craft whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

25 Rubber Band Charms

Unless you’ve been hibernating in a cave for the last three years, you’ve heard all about the rubber band bracelet craze. Girls and boys alike love making the bracelets, necklaces, and yes, charms! There are lots and lots of rubber band charms out there, many with video tutorials that show you and your kids step by step how to make them.

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Whether it’s on your Rainbow Loom, another loom, or even by hand or with a crochet look, making rubber band charms is fun for both boys and girls! They are great for hanging on your rubber band bracelets, a necklace, backpack charms and keychains. They make fun gifts for friends and family too!

 rubber duckie- panda on a pencil- strawberry- monster loom friends- unicorn- Kids Activities Blog- 25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make -
Look how cute that rubber duckie loom band charm is?! That unicorn is also precious!

Animal Loom Band Charms

There are many You Tube channels dedicated to just making rubber band jewelry and charms. DIY Mommy DIY and Made by Mommy are two of them, and their channels are filled with colorful charm tutorials. Here are some that I loved.

1. Rubber Duck Band Loom Charm

loom bands- yellow rubber ducky charm against blue background- kids activities blog
Make your very own rubber ducky loom band charm.

Add a 3D Rubber Ducky to your loom band bracelets! You can use colourful rubber bands to make different color duckies.

2. Strawberry 3D Charm

Strawberry 3D Charm is the playground craze right now, I swear. I don’t know that for fact, but with all the strawberry printed stuff and scented stuff, it makes sense. Which is why you will want this strawberry 3D charm for your bracelets!

3. 3D Fuzzy Rubber Band Charms

Add these 3D Fuzzies to your rainbow loom bracelets! It’ll make them look so fun!

4. Panda Bear Loom Band Charm

If your child’s favorite animal is a panda bear, then help them make this Panda Bear Charm! It’s a great way for them to get closer to their favorite animals…without putting your children’s safety at risk!

5. Unicorn Charm

Looking for some different project designs? Then here are some lovely things like this Unicorn Charm!

hot pepper red, green, and yellow- red pink, and purple octopus- orange, strawberry, grapes, cherries fruit charm- double daisy flower charm- despicable me minion bracelet charm- kids activities blog- 25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make-
I’m not sure what is cute the hot pepper loom band charm or the fruit charms.

More Loom Band Charm Designs

There’s a really cool site out there called Loom Love that was started by two young sisters and their mom and they have created over 250 tutorials! They have a popular YouTube channel as well. Here’s just a small sampling of what they’ve created!

6. Hot Pepper Loom Band Charms

Loom bands- green, red, and  yellow hot chili peppers against green background- kids activities blog
If you love chili peppers then you can make your own chili pepper charms.

While real hot peppers take an immediate effect on me, these Hot Pepper Charms don’t! Enjoy these Hot Pepper Charms on your bracelets!

7. Octopus Charms

Don’t buy packets of charms when you can make your own. Like these super cute Octopus Charms

8. Fruit Rubber Band Charm

Want some more cheery designs. Then good news! These Fruit Charms are just perfect!

9. Double Daisy Flower Loom Band Charms

With the weather warming up, you don’t anymore signs to where these Double Daisy Flower Charms!

10. Despicable Me Minion Charms

Grab a packet of loom bands and make this Despicable Me Minion Charm!

 heart rubber band charm red, pink, green, dark blue, light blue, orange, yellow, and purple- Steve Minecraft Charm- double scoop ice cream cone charm- blue green and purple frog tutorial- Kids Activities Blog- 25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make-
If your kids love Minecraft, then they have to try making these Minecraft loom band charms.

Some Of Our Favorite Things Loom Band Charms

More YouTubers include these rubber band charm enthusiasts MarloomZ Creations and Angel Lynn. Here’s some of the ones I hand picked for you.

11. Heart Loom Band Charms

loom bands- rainbow heart charms on a white background- kids activities blog
Everybody will love these rainbow heart charms.

These Heart Charms are considered small parts and maybe not great for super small kids, but these are a great way to decorate your loom band bracelets!

12. Minecraft Charms

I would say Minecraft is the latest craze, but Minecraft has never gone out of style. At least in my house, the kids loved it all last year and I don’t think their love is going anywhere. Which is why this Minecraft Charm is perfect for them!

13. Ice Cream Cone Rubber Band Charm

You will love this simple specially designed rainbow loom Ice Cream Cone Charm!

14. Frog Loom Band Charm

Want more rainbow loom animals? Then the first thing you’re gonna want to do is make this Frog Charm.

- blue and green caterpillar loom band charm- han solo and luke skywalker rubber band charm- poodle rubber band charm- hello kitty charm- Kids Activities Blog- 25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make
How sweet is that Hello Kitty loom band charm!?

Easy and Fun Loom Band Charms

One of our own Kids Activities Blog contributors, Sara Dees, also makes cool rubber band charms! She runs the blog  Frugal Fun For Boys. You’ll also find lots of tutorials on the You Tube channel PG’s Loomacy.

15. Caterpillar Loom Band Charm

Loom bands- colorful caterpillar loom charm on branches and wood background- kids activities blog
How cute are these caterpillar charms?

Love the Very Hungry Caterpillar? Then make this Caterpillar charm!

16. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Charms

If you love Star Wars then you have to try making these Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker charms.

17. Poodle Rubber Band Charm

I love this Poodle Charm. It looks so cute and like it’s name would be Fifi.

18. Hello Kitty Loom Band Charm

I was obsessed with Hello Kitty in the 90’s. Which is why I love this Hello Kitty Charm so much!

purple green and orange snowcone charm- rainbow with cloud charm- Queen Elsa Charm- Hippo charm- popsicle charm- flower charm- Kids Activities Blog- 25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make-
I can’t just let these charms go! They’re too cute!

Even More Loom Band Charm Design Ideas

Here are a handful more rubber band charms I thought were fun! That should load you up with plenty of ideas as well as lots of sites and channels to save in your favorites. Have fun creating!

19. Snow Cone Loom Band Charm

Loom bands- orange, white, yellow ice cream cone charm with blue background- kids activities blog
These ice cream cone charms are so cute. One could even say they’re charming… I’ll see myself out now.

Love snow cones? Then try making this Snow Cone Charm.

20. Radical Rainbow Rubber Band Charm

This Radical Rainbow charm is a great way to explore colors!

21. Queen Elsa Charm

I love this Queen Elsa Charm! Perfect for Frozen lovers.

22. Hippo Loom Band Charm

All I can think about is the Christmas song about the Hippo when I look at this Hippo Charm.

23. Popsicle Rubber Band Charm

These Popsicle Charms are perfect for summer!

24. Easy Flower Charm

How pretty is this Easy Flower Charm?

25. Rubber Band Mania

loom bands- Rubber band mania book with kids, items, and bands- kids activities blog
This book can help you make a lot of beautiful loom band jewelry.

If you want more rubber band ideas, outside of just bracelets and charms, be sure to check out my book Rubber Band Mania!

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Which loom band charms did you make? How did they turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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