If your kiddo loves cute little ladybugs, get ready for a day filled with so much fun because we have 23 preschool ladybug crafts that you can put together on a whim. These super cute ladybug arts and crafts are perfect even for older kids. Use this list of our favorite ladybug crafts at home or in the classroom.

Image shows a compilation of different ladybug activities from different sources.
Let’s make some lovely ladybugs!

Best Ladybug Crafts For Young Children

These lady bug crafts are not only super fun to make but also provide a great opportunity to practice your insect unit while making a cute keepsake.

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These crafts are perfect for little kids because they enhance hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and color recognition; however, we are sure that an older child would enjoy making a fun craft or two as well. Kids of all ages would love these hands-on, creative ladybug activities!

So grab your art supplies and get ready to create beautiful ladybugs. Enjoy!

1. Cupcake Liner Ladybug Craft

Image shows a cupcake liner ladybug. From KAB.
This is one of the easiest craft ideas.

Learn how to make a cute cupcake liner ladybug craft, perfect for home, school, or camp, as it requires basic craft supplies like construction paper and googly eyes.

2. Potato Stamp Ladybugs

Image shows different ladybug stamps on a piece of paper. Idea from My Mommy Style
We love potato stamping!

These ladybugs are easy and fun to make. You use a potato as a stamp for the body of the ladybug and black finger paint for the heads and spots. From My Mommy Style.

3. Easy Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

Image shows a paper plate ladybug craft over a wood table. Idea from My Mommy Style
Paper plate crafts are always a great idea.

Making this ladybug craft is super easy and you only need paper plates, red paint, a paint brush, black construction paper, and googly eyes. From My Mommy Style.

4. Easy Egg Carton Ladybugs

Image shows an egg carton ladybug craft. Idea from One Little Project
Aren’t recyclable crafts just so nice?

These egg carton ladybugs are really simple to put together and look super cute. This is perfect for kids of all ages, although younger kids might need some adult assistance. From One Little Project.

5. Paper Plate Ladybug Craft Idea For Spring

Image shows a paper plate ladybug craft. From Glued To My Crafts blog
Here’s another cute ladybug paper plate craft.

To make this paper plate ladybug craft, all you need is a large paper plate, red tissue paper and black cardstock. And of course, a preschooler ready to have some fun crafting! From Glued To My Crafts Blog.

6. Grouchy Ladybugs

Image shows a ladybug craft on top of a leaf craft. Idea from Tippytoe Crafts
Googly eyes are a great touch!

This craft is so easy as it only requires some cutting and gluing. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about these tiny beetles, too! From Tippytoe Crafts.

7. 3D Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids

Image shows a 3D paper ladybug craft. Idea from Crafty Morning
This is a great way to try 3D paper craft.

These are great crafts for kids to make since they are so easy to do! Put them on a card or just hang them up for fun. From Crafty Morning.

8. Eric Carle Inspired Lady Bug Craft

Image shows a ladybug craft inspired by Eric Carle. From I Heart Crafty Things.
Let’s recreate this popular lady bug craft.

This ladybug craft requires different art processes like watercolor and sponge painting, making it perfect for curious kids who like trying out new things. From I Heart Crafty Things.

9. Ladybug Sun Catchers

Image shows a set of 4 ladybug suncatcher. From
Suncatchers are always a good idea.

Make your own ladybug sun catchers or ladybug stained glass windows with contact paper, tissue paper, and googly eyes! From Here Come The Girls.

10. Ladybug Stones: A Happy Nature Craft for Kids

Image shows a ladybug stones on the grass. Idea from Fireflies and Mudpies
Let’s make an army of ladybug stones!

The kids will have a great time seeking “the perfect stones,” then washing them off in warm, soapy water, and finally, coloring them in pretty red colors! From Fireflies & Mudpies.

11. Tissue Paper Ladybug Kids Craft (with free pattern printable)

Image shows a ladybug craft on top of a green background. Idea from I Heart Crafty Things
Tissue paper is always a great idea!

Learn how to make a tissue paper ladybug craft with the free printable pattern that is so simple and fun! From I Heart Crafty Things.

12. Mega Adorable Ladybug Finger Puppet

Image shows a ladybug finger puppet. From Artsy Momma.
Make your own ladybug finger puppet!

After kids have fun making their ladybug puppet, they will love reenacting their favorite books from the Ladybug Girl series. From Artsy Momma.

13. Paper Ladybug Craft

Image shows a ladybug craft made with paper. Idea from Easy Peasy Fun
Perfect craft for kids who love bugs!

Ready to make these cute little creatures? Grab your paper in red and black, scissors, stick glue and black marker! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

14. You Need To Make This Adorable Easy Ladybug Craft

Image shows a ladybug craft. From Speechsprouts.
Isn’t this craft so cute?

This ladybug craft, besides being really adorable, also doubles as a preschool speech therapy and articulation practice. From Speech Sprouts.

15. Ladybug Headband Craft for Kids with Free Template

Image shows a cute ladybug headband craft from Simple Everyday Mom
Make a cute ladybug headband craft!

Make an adorable ladybug craft that also doubles as a headband! Print the template and follow the video tutorial to make this simple tutorial. From Simple Everyday Mom.

16. Ladybug Puzzle Craft

Image shows a ladybug puzzle craft. From ConservaMom
Puzzles are so much fun.

This fun Ladybug Puzzle Craft will be a huge hit with your kids. Best of all is that you’ll only need a few items to make this cute craft! From Conservamom

17. Ladybug Rocks Craft

Image shows three ladybug rock crafts. Idea from That Kids Craft site
What cute little bugs!

Get ready for spring with this adorable and easy painted ladybug rocks craft for kids! From That Kids Craft Site.

18. How To Make Bottle Cap Magnet Lady Bugs

Image shows bottle cap magnets that look like ladybugs. Idea from Suburbia Unwrapped
Perfect crafts for spring!

This bottle cap magnet ladybug craft is cute and easy to make, but it requires adult assistance for the hot glue gun and spray paint parts. Other than that, enjoy making cute magnet ladybugs! From Suburbia Unwrapped.

19. How to Make Ladybugs from a Recycled Egg Carton

Image shows a ladybug craft made with egg carton and pipe cleaners. Idea from Creative Greenliving
Grab your black pipe cleaners!

Got old egg cartons and pipe cleaners? Then you’ve got the most essential supplies to make this cute ladybug craft! If you love crafts made with recyclable objects, this one is for you. From Creative Green Living.

20. The Grouchy Ladybug Craft for Kids (with Free Printable)

Image shows a ladybug made with a paperplate and othe rsimple objects. Idea from Buggy and Buddy
This ladybug project is so cool!

Here’s an easy paper plate ladybug craft for kids to go along with Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug. Get your red paint and paper plates! From Buggy and Buddy.

21. Ladybug Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Image shows two ladybug crafts hanging from the ceiling. Idea from Easy Peasy and Fun
Windsocks are so much fun to make.

Make a dozen ladybugs or a mix of different bugs; whatever you make, this one is bound to look great! It’s the coolest room decor for spring. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

22. Rocking Ladybug Craft for Spring

Image shows a foled paper plate lady bug craft. Idea from Happy Toddler Playtime
Take a look at this paper plate ladybug craft.

Rocking Ladybug Craft is an adorable paper plate craft for toddlers and preschooler to do this Spring Day. Create this beautiful ladybug that moves using dot makers! From Happy Toddler Playtime.

23. Construction Paper Ladybug on a Leaf

Image shows a construction paper ladybug being held by a child. Idea from Easy Peasy and Fun
Grab your colored construction paper!

Make your own ladybug on a leaf craft with construction paper and markers, and decorate your room with it. From Easy Peasy and Fun.

Want more Cute crafts for toddlers & Preschoolers?

What preschool ladybug craft will you try first?

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