Ladybug Playdough Balloon gift . Balloons and playdough are the perfect gift for a creative preschooler. We have a friend who loves ladybugs, after seeing this post by Sew Can Do where Cheryl made Easter Eggs with Playdough, we decided to do something similar. Only instead of filling our balloons with playdough, we filled them with goop. I prefer goop over playdough as it leaves no messy residue to wipe up. And instead of making eggs, we made ladybugs. Related: Print bug coloring pages. and 23 Adorable Preschool Ladybug Crafts for Kids
Directions:Mix up the goop. . Fill the balloons with goop. (We double ballooned them for durability). Tie them off. . Decorate with spots and pipe-cleaner antenna. . Fill a bag with your bugs and… Viola! You have the perfect gift for a preschooler. They get to play with bugs, then “burst” them to have more goop playing fun! I love goop. There is no residue to clean up after – so much better than playdough!   We made our DIY gift bag following directions from Maggy of RedTedArt.   She made some out of old comics, we used pages of a book that had fallen apart.   Thanks Maggy for the “final touch”! . Do you have a DIY gift that was a hit with your preschoolers? I’d love to hear about it! If you want more ladybug’s, check out this ladybug craft made out of cupcake liners! Looking for more balloon activities? Check out Jaime from Hands On: We Grow!

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  1. The simple recipe of one part cornstarch to one part water makes it easy to have science fun at home.
    This site will give you some ideas about Goop.

    1. Yes! There are SO many inexpensive STEM activities that can easily be done at home with basic household items!