Printable Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Color & Decorate

Today we have free printable Christmas ornament coloring pages for kids of all ages to color, cut out and decorate tree with their personalized printable Christmas ornaments

Free Printable Christmas Ornaments for kids to color - two ornament coloring pages with colored pencils and crayons

Decorate these printable Christmas ornaments with crayons, colored pencils, markers…don’t forget the glue & glitter!

You can use the printable ornament sheets as coloring pages or use the small Christmas ornaments to color and cut out for hanging. Making your own Christmas ornaments is really fun and lets kids get super creative with their own holiday decor.

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Free Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favorite parts of Christmas. The more personal the tree gets, the better.  In fact, each time you unpack the ornaments from the year before it is the homemade ornaments that are the most cherished.

With these free printable Christmas ornaments coloring pages, you’ll give your children the opportunity to let their creative spirits shine.

Printable Ornaments

The Printable Christmas Ornaments for Kids Set Includes

  • 1 page with 5 ornaments with simple shapes to color (for younger kids).
  • 1 page with 5 ornaments with more detailed shapes to color (for older kids and younger skilled artists).

Download & Print Free Printable Ornament Template pdf Files Here

Make Your Christmas Ornament Coloring Page More Unique

So go ahead and print out these fun ornaments for them to use, have them fill it in however they’d like, and then put the ornaments on the tree together!

Colored pencils and crayons make these beautiful, but there are plenty of other ways to make your printable ornaments coloring pages even better!

Ideas to Decorate Free Printable Christmas Cutouts Ornaments

More Homemade Christmas Ornaments & Holiday Fun

Still want to get crafty with your kids and make some more unique ornaments?

How did your ornament coloring pages turn into beautiful printable Christmas ornaments? Did you hang them on your Christmas tree?


  1. The download button for the printable ornaments doesn’t work. Are you able to fix this please?

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Pat! It just worked for me! I will email the printables to you. Enjoy!

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