25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

We’ve been counting down to Christmas with Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for a couple years now, and I have to say it has been amazing for our family!

We are excited to do it again this year because it’s been such a great way to slow down and focus on the joy of giving, rather than just receiving during the holiday season.

We have found that focusing on kindness for others each day helps banish so many of the I wants that often come around this time of year.

25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

  1. Tape change to a vending machine for a stranger to find.
  2. Hand out a compliment card.
  3. Donate food to your local food pantry.
  4. Make a thank you card for your mail carrier.
  5. Candy cane bomb a parking lot.
  6. Take supplies to an animal shelter.
  7. Put change in the Salvation Army bucket.
  8. Send a hug in the mail.
  9. Pick up litter.
  10. Leave a popcorn surprise at the DVD rental machine.
  11. Write a Smile It Forward note for a friend or family member.
  12. Donate toys to charity.
  13. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.
  14. Make a gift for your teacher.
  15. Do yard work for a neighbor.
  16. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  17. Feed the birds with a candy cane bird food ornament.
  18. Make a sweet treat for your mailman.
  19. Do a chore for someone.
  20. Smile at everyone you see.
  21. Pass out stickers to kids waiting in line.
  22. Make a card for a neighbor.
  23. Thank your sanitation worker with a yard sign.
  24. Leave kindness stones in the park.
  25. Sing Christmas carols for your neighbors.

Hang the list of 25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness on your refrigerator and do one each day until Christmas! You’ll be thrilled with how intentionally focusing on kindness each day make the holiday season so much more fun.

25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for Kids!

DIY Advent Calendar for Kids

Would you like your kids to have an even more hands on approach to Random Acts of Christmas Kindness?

Then you’ll LOVE making this DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with them.

Printable Advent Wreath

This fun and festive advent wreath is easy to make and will brighten up any room you hang it in!

Your family can definitely use this DIY advent calendar as a creative way to keep track of your random acts of Christmas kindness, while ALSO counting down the days till Christmas.

After you follow the detailed tutorial on how to make this beautiful wreath, you’ll also get access to some free printables!

Learn how you can make this DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Wreath HERE.

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