This big list of kindness activities for kids is a great way to teach kids how to be kind, loving, and gracious. Kids of all ages, from toddlers, preschoolers, even elementary aged kids and older can benefit from kindness lessons. These kindness activities for kids are great whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

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Teach your kids to be kind with fun activities, crafts, and more!

Big List Of The Best Kindness Activities For Kids

We love using these fun and playful kindness activities to teach our kids. It’s so important to begin teaching them about being kind to others and how little things can make a big difference. What is great about these kindness activities, is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do something nice.  

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We love these ideas!

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Kindness Activities for Kids

1. Filling Your Bucket

Take the abstract idea of “filling your bucket” and make it real by using an actual bucket and kind words on paper. at Kids Activities Blog

2. How To Be A Good and Kind Friend

Here are some simple ways to help teach your child about being a good friend. at Kids Activities Blog

3. Kindness Yoga

Kindness Yoga teaches the yoga principle of Ahimsa which is translated to kindness or non-violent. It’s the perfect way to teach your kids about being generous, gracious and kind.

4. Encourage Your Kids To Be Loving

Kids need to learn to be loving, compassionate, and kind and the best way to do that is by setting the example of what it means to be loving.

5. Kindness Jar

Teach kids to be kind with positive reinforcement. Having a kindness jar in the classroom or at home will definitely help reinforce kids to be kind and grateful!

6. How To Raise A Kind Child

In this day and age everyone is “me oriented” so here are some great ways to raise a kind child in a selfish world.

7. Fun Game That Teaches Kindness

If you make learning fun, that lesson is more likely to stick with them. And learning about kindness is no different. They can learn about kindness using this fun game.

8. Library Letters and Kindness Challenge

Teach your preschooler kindness with this super fun and educational kindness challenge!

9. 35 Fun Kindness Activities For Kids

These fun activities are full of important life lessons and a wonderful way to kids about some of life’s most important lessons.

10. Kindness Is Contagious

Watch this video to learn how kindness is contagious and how we can spread kindness and love through our actions.

Kindness Crafts For Kids

Bottled water and bags saying thank you with printable tags- kindness activities for kids
Make bags of joy!

11. Make Bags Of Joy

These bags of joy are nice little things to make for people who may need a pick me up. at Kids Activities Blog

12. Kindness Catcher Craft

Remember cootie catchers? These are kindness catchers! Kids can play them with friends to discuss nice things they can do for each other like give high fives! From Coffee Cups and Crayons

13. Send Someone A Box Of Sunshine

Brighten someone’s day by sending them a box of sunshine. This is so sweet! From Love and Marriage Blog

14. Kindness “I Will” Statements

Make a wall hanging with a list of kind I Will statements. This is a great way to teach kids the qualities of kindness and help them develop as little people!

15. Guess How Much I Love You

Show someone kindness by letting them know how much you love them. This craft is not only fun, but based on a children’s book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.

16. The Kindness Ninja

We tend to forget that those we live with need kindness too. And the kindness ninja is a great craft that can remind us to be kind to our family.

17. Kindness Challenge: Bookmark Project

Make pretty bookmarks to hand out with kind words and words of encouragement.

18. We Love You To Pieces Craft

Tell someone how much you love them with this craft. A lot of times we know we love people and we expect them to know. But let’s show them how much we love them!

Free Kindness Printables

Free printable compliment cards- red, yellow, green, pink, blue cards with compliments- kindness activities for kids
Give friends, family, even strangers (safely) words of encouragement.

19. Free Smile It Forward Cards

Print these free smile it forward cards and place them around your city for people to find. This is so fun! at Kids Activities Blog

20. Acts Of Kindness Printable Journal

Journal and keep up with their acts of kindness. This printable kindness journal will help encourage kids to be giving, kind, and helpful.

21. Simple Ways To Help Your Child Say Thank You With A Free Printable

This free printable will help your child learn, not only manners, but one of the most basic ways of showing kindness. Saying thank you.

22. Spring Into Action With These Kind Acts

These spring themed kindness acts and printables are a fun way to teach your kids how to be kind and proactive.

23. Kindness Lunchbox Printable

Show your kids some acts of kindness with these printable lunchbox ideas! Kids need words of encouragement too!

Family Kindness Acts To Do Together

Kindness jar full of jelly beans- kindness activities for kids
Make a family kindness jar that turns into candy!

24. Family Kindness Jar

Make a family kindness jar so that kind acts are acknowledged. Add beans to a jar for kind acts done and when it’s full it can magically turn into candy! at Kids Activities Blog

25. Family Scheduled Acts Of Kindness

Can you fit acts of kindness into your family schedule? Love this from Moments A Day

26. Family Focused Kindness Acts

Be kind as a family! Do some random acts of kindness to grow as a family to grow as individuals.

27. Family Kindness Suggestion Box

This family kindness suggestion box is not suggestions on how to be kind. But rather, pointing out and celebrating actions done by family members that were kind throughout the week.

28. Fun Ways To Serve With Your Kids

And while kids need to learn to serve others sometimes we need a reminder that we also need to serve others. So, here are ways you and your kids can help others together.

29. Easy Act Of Kindness For Families

I love this! Especially in this economy! Dinner is on us! Fill up a basket with everyone someone would need to make supper, including drinks and dessert!

30. 12 Months of Family Service Projects

Serve with your family the entire year! You can teach and learn to be kind all year round while taking care of loved ones and your community.

31. Serve With Your Kids In 15 Minutes

Choose an act of service that can be done in 15 minutes or less and help your child do it. For bigger projects break it down into smaller steps until it gets done. This is a great way to serve everyday!

Books About Kindness

32. The Best Picture Books For Teaching Kindness and Compassion

Looking for some books teaching kindness? This list of picture books is perfect for kids of all ages, particularly toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids.

33. Kindness In Books

Children’s books and even the Bible are the perfect way to learn about kindness, love, and gratitude.

34. 25+ Books For Kids About Kindness

Reading is a great way to learn and what better way to learn about kindness than to read about it!

Kindness Lessons

What is Kindness? Parenting advice for teaching our kids- kindness activities for kids
Learn the lessons of kindness.

35. Tissue Paper Craft: Show How Hard It Is To Undo Harsh Words

This hands on activity shows kids how hard it can be to undo harsh words. All you need is tissue paper. From First Grade Wow

36. Simple Ways To Be Kind

You don’t always have to do huge acts of kindness. Sometimes the littlest acts of kindness are the most impactful!

37. Kindness Object Lesson With Toothpaste

Give your kids a visual demonstration on how important it is to use kind words using toothpaste!

38. Teaching Kids About Giving and Being Kind

Kindness isn’t just being polite and helping, but giving as well. A lot of times we forget that others may not be as well off as we are or sometimes people need something positive done in their lives.

39. Teach Kindness With Dominos

This is another visual kindness lesson but with dominos. Teach kids about the domino effect and how 1 action can cause more and more action!

40. 12 Ways To Teach Compassion

Teaching compassion isn’t always easy especially in the world we live in. So these lessons are perfect for teaching kids of all ages to be compassionate.

41. Object Lesson: Using Your Sink To Teach Kindness

The smallest splash can cause a ripple in the water. And that ripple grows and grows. We need to be that splash to spread kindness!

42. Character Building Lesson About Kindness

Grow as a person and help your child build character and good fruit with this lesson about kindness.

Acts Of Kindness

Little girl holding heart paper with a smile - Kindness activities for kids
Fun kindness acts and activities you can do to make the world a better place.

43. Donate To Your Local Food Bank

Teach your kids about generosity by getting a list of food needed for a local food bank and take them shopping. at Kids Activities Blog

44. 60 Acts Of Random Kindness

This big list of acts of kindness for kids is a great way to teach kindness and gratitude to kids of all ages.

45. Acts Of Kindness For Young Children

Need an act of kindness lesson plan for your younger kids? Look no further! These are great acts of kindness even younger children can understand and learn from.

46. Kindness Acts For Animals: Paws For Thought

The RSPCA is an organization that helps abused and neglected animals. Animals also need acts of kindness as well. And we can help our little furry friends!

47. Writing Letters To Troops

There are many unseen and unsung heroes in our country and our troops are one of them. Say thank you and show them a little kindness by writing them a heartfelt letter!

48. Share Some Joy

Kindness can bring joy into people’s lives. And what better way to spread that joy than saying thank you to people who have shown you kindness!

49. 99 Acts Of Kindness Your Family Can Do

Here is a huge list of kind acts you can do as a family! Grow together, learn together, and spread joy and love as a family!

50. Acts Of Kindness: Love Rock Project

Say kind words and give pretty gives with this love rock project. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, fun, and a great lesson to learn.

51. 100 Acts Of Kindness Challenge

Challenge yourself to be kind by being kind to strangers. While stranger danger is important, we have to remember all people deserve love and kindness. This is a challenge perfect for parents AND kids to do together.

52. Random Acts Of Kindness: Visiting An Aged Care Facility

Unfortunately our elderly do not always get the love and kindness they deserve. Because of this, this is one of the most important and sweetest acts of kindness on this list.

53. Hand Out Cookies To Neighbors

This is one of my favorite acts of kindness and something I often do for my neighbors. Handing out cookies is a great way to say I appreciate you!

54. Acts Of Service

Acts of service is one of the best ways to be kind. Help out those who need it is a way not only to teach kids to be kind, but teach them about working hard which is important.

55. Raising Kids To Serve Others

Raising kids to serve others doesn’t mean that they will be doormats. Rather, it means raising kids to put others first instead of focusing solely on themselves.

56. Donate Books To The Library

The library needs to be shown kindness too. When you show kindness and donate to the library you are helping spread joy amongst others who are also enjoying the books.

57. Acts Of Kindness To Yourself and Others

We focus on being kind to others. But we also have to learn to be kind to ourselves.

58. Donating Toys To Local Kindergarten

Be kind and help the community and your local school by donating toys to the kindergarten classes. This will help kids explore with imagination and sensory.

59. Send A Care Package

Put together a care package with your child to show an act of kindness and to show how much you care. You can make a care package for someone who is sick, had a baby, someone down, elderly, or even the troops or local first responders.

60. Random Acts of Kindness: Helping Out A Neighbor

Our neighbors often times get overlooked. We may live next to them but a lot of us don’t know our neighbors. Get to know them and help them out with an act of kindness.

Here are a few of our favorite books about kindness

Kindness Books for Kids
These books are perfect kindness activities!

More Ways To Be Kind and Full OF Gratitude and Thankful From Kids Activities Blog

What kindness activities for kids are your favorites? Which ones have the best lessons?

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