Super Heroes – the comic book figures who are off to rescue the world – enthrall my kids.   My boys love stories where there is a chase, some danger, a fight and good prevails. Thanks to Big G Cereal Heroes {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}  for coming to our rescue and inspiring my kids to imagine, create and become SuperHeroes.

How to get Free Comic Books

There are four exclusive Justice League Comic Books that your kids can discover in specially marked boxes of Big G Cereal. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORIES! Our boys are off to collect them all!   On the back of the boxes, they can cut out costume accessories to help them bring their super hero to life. free comics for kids to promote literacy - Kids Activities Blog It’s a race to see who can open the new boxes of cereal and grab the comics inside. They put on their super hero masks from the back of the box and read their comics aloud to each other as they snack on the cereal. comic book writing activity

Cereal Heroes

The boys are developing their writing skills.     We got duplicate books in our boxes of cereal.   What a chance for the kids to put themselves “into” the story! After they read the first half of the comic, we decided to create our own ending.   I grabbed some stickers and covered the “word bubbles” so that the boys couldn’t see what was written in the last couple pages.   We grabbed markers and the boys began debating the various responses that the heroes would have if they were the ones doing the fighting. comic book writing activity When they had finished writing their ending, they compared their scenes to the ones in the book. I think that blocking out the words and having the boys create their own part of the story is helping them understand concepts of sequencing.   They know what happened before and can get an idea of what is happening in the pictures.   They need to think about the timing of the story and match the words that the character is saying to the “place” in the story. free comics   I know my kids loved imagining for a morning what it would be like if they were being chased across Gotham city – thanks Big G Cereal Heroes and DC Comics for helping ignite my kids creativity!   Did you know that by striking a super hero pose, or imagining yourself as a victorious hero, helps you or your child actually gain confidence? Inspired by Super Heroes, we are thrilled to be part of a movement called #SuperHeroing, encouraging kids (and adults!) to put on their cut-out costume pieces from the back of the box and strike a Super Hero pose at breakfast time to gain the confidence they need to tackle the day. Find out more HERE! We have some free printable comic book templates for your super hero loving kid! Thanks Big G Cereals for sponsoring this post.   The love of cereal and obsession with superheroes are our own!

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  1. My oldest son is really into graphic novels; I’ll bet he’d love to make a DIY comic book. Thanks for sharing this at the After School Linky!

  2. So creative! We made our own comics too! I love how you made a great creative writing experience for kids.

  3. What a ingenious idea!! My daughter struggles to get her creative juices flowing. Something like this will be great!

  4. This is a great way to get kids writing, fun! Thank you for linking up to the Thoughful Spot Weekly Blog Hop!