Looking for picture day hair ideas? We got you! We have a great list of picture day hair ideas that girls will love! These super cute picture day hairstyles are not overly hard and will look great on anyone! From curls, to braids, updos, bows, and more, we have a great list of picture day hair ideas.

20 Picture Day Hair Ideas- curls, braids, hair bow, barrettes, knots, and updos, on various girls- kids activities blog
How cute are these hair styles?

The Best Picture Day Hair Style ideas

Picture day hairstyles are a big deal at my house. We get up early and spend extra time fixing picture perfect hair. Every little thing is a really big deal when it comes to school and your kids, and that’s why we’re showing you our 10 favorite picture day hairstyles.

Whether you child has long hair, short hair, medium hair, dark hair, light hair, there is a hairstyle for everyone!

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Picture Day Hairstyles

1. Braided Bun Hair Style

picture day hair- braided bun with pink floral barrette- kids activities blog
How cute is this braided bun?

This braided bun is fantastic! It’s totally picture perfect! You can also add your favorite barrettes to make your braided bun look even cuter.

2. Minnie Mouse Hairstyle

Picture day hair- Minnie mouse hairstyle on little girl with red bow- kids activities blog
Look just like Minnie Mouse with this hairstyle!

We love this Minnie Mouse hairstyle. Add a small colorful bow and you look just like Minnie Mouse! How lovely!

3. Double Braid Halo Bun Hairstyle

The double braid halo bun is so cute and won’t get messy if your kid has PE before pictures! It’s a very classic and lovely look.

4. High Bun Hair Style

picture day hair- high bun worn by little girl in a blue dress- kids activities blog
This high bun is perfect for anyone who has tight curls.

Try this high bun or high puff especially if you have lovely curly hair!

5. Elsa Braid Hair Style

Picture day hair- Elsa braid worn by girl in white shirt- kids activities blog
This Elsa hair is so cute and a very classic braid.

We are so totally obsessed with the Elsa braid at my house. Here’s a super easy way to do it.

6. Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle

Picture day hair- fish tail braid worn by red head- kids activities blog
The fishtail braid is my favorite type of braid.

Or you can try the side braid in a fishtailed version.

7. Bantu Knots Hairstyle

Picture day hair- Bantu hair style on woman in plaid and overalls- kids activities blog
These bantu knots are so cute!

Bantu knots are awesome, because they can wear the knots the first day and amazing curls the next!

8. Hair Flower Hair Style

These hair flowers are so adorable. We have to try this! I didn’t know you could do this with your hair, but I think it is so cute.

9. Two Way Braid Hairstyle

The two way braid is one of our faves because it looks complicated, but it’s super quick to do.

10. Triple Bun Hairstyle

Picture day hair- triple bun worn by little girl with blue shirt- kids activities blog
How cute is this triple bun?!

Triple buns are super cute and they look good on pretty much any hair type.

11. Letter Shaped Braids Hair Style

Picture day- letter shaped braids A through Z- kids activities blog
You can put your first name letter in your hair.

Whoa, you can even do braids in the letter shapes. So awesome. This is great for younger girls with longer hair.

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What do you think about these picture day hair style ideas?

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