When my son needed his first haircut, I had no idea what to ask for! I turned to Pinterest and found these adorable hair styles for little boys. For styles for long hair, straight hair, and everything in between, look no further!

Adorable Hair Styles for Little Boys

Cute Hairstyles for Boys

How adorable is this long faux hawk?! via Little Peanuts Mag

The undercut is long on top and shaved on the sides. Perfect to meet school dress code standards. via Groovy Baby and Mama

This messy long-hair style is great for boys with straight hair. via Babyology

Part bangs on the side with this long hairstyle for boys. via Milk Magazine

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Spike the top of an undercut for this cute boys’ style. via Couture Enfants

Longer hair parted and swept to the side looks absolutely adorable. via Haircut Inspiration

Straight hair swept to the side looks so cute when it’s a bit longer. via Mens’ Hairstyles Today

I am loving this side-swept long hair style. via Adventures in Pink Sugarland

Stylish Hair Cuts for Little Boys

The fade with a side part is an adorable haircut for boys. via Men’s Hairstylists

I don’t know what it is about this longer on top look, but I love it! via Baby Center

If your little boy has curly hair, why not let it grow a bit longer? via Men’s Hairstyles Today

Use styling gel to get this adorable style. via My 4 Misters and Their Sister

Textured and natural is the way to go with this easy style. via Momtastic

Spiky hair and a deep part make this dapper style just perfect. via Leelee Knits

Tousled hair with buzzed sides is such a great trendy haircut for boys. via Haircut Inspiration

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