Now that summer is over and we’ve spent it swimming, vacationing, and just totally wrecking our hair, it’s time to grow it out thick and awesome again!

Here are my favorite secrets for growing long, super shiny hair!

  1. Hairfinity. This is my super secret weapon for growing out your hair. It restores those nutrients that maake your hair shinier, thicker and longer.
  2. Coconut Oil. A coconut oil hair mask helps keep your hair nice and strong without making it greasy. (Plus, you can use it as a face moisturizer, too.)
  3. Use a paddle brush instead of a round brush. When you curl your ends under or out with the round brush, you are making your hair look shorter than it actually us.
  4. Eat Well. You need protein in your diet to grow your hair longer. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet!
  5. Use less heat. Curling irons, blow dryers, and hair straighteners are crazy damaging to your hair. If you have a day off, give your hair one, too, and skip the heat.

Hopefully these tips will help you have the coolest, longest hair and totally the envy of all your friends.

Because envious hair is the best.

Hairfinity is a nutritional supplement formulated with essential nutrients for healthy hair. This hair specific formula contains Vitamins A, C, and D, a B-Vitamin Complex, Biotin, MSM, and more. Hairfinity is clinically proven to increase the hair growth rate by 155% while decreasing shedding. Two capsules are taken per day, and each bottle contains a one-month supply.


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