Now that school is back in session, we want to help our girls  look their best. When they look their best they often times feel their best and that confidence goes such a long way. So today we have partnered with Conair Quick Twist to bring you 15 Fun  Braid Hairstyles for Girls. 15 fun braid hairstyles for girls

15 Fun Braid Hairstyles for Girls

  1. Just in time for winter, learn how to do this Elsa Braid hairstyle.
  2. Your little girl can feel like a princess with this Twisted Crown Braid.
  3. Bring out her sassy side with this Bohemian Braid.
  4. This Mini French Braid is simple yet fun.
  5. When the weather is  hot, this Braided Bun makes for the perfect updo.
  6. When the hair locks are flowing, nothing looks better than this adorable Waterfall Braid.
  7. This Boho Braid will keep those bangs out of the eyes in a cute braid hairstyles1
  8. Planning a swim day? Give this Double Twist Beach Braid a try!
  9. This Twist-Back Pony will give you Rapunzel’s hair in no time!
  10. With the mermaid craze right now, this Fishtail Braid just seems to fit!
  11. Go to infinity and beyond with this Infinity Braid.
  12. Turn that frown  upside down with this Upside Down Braided Bun.
  13. Pocahontas would be so proud of these  Triple Braided Pocahontas Braids.
  14. Go nice and slow and before you know it you will have this Snail Braid completed.
  15. Hungry for a great hairstyle? Try this Hunger Games Katnis Braid.

How to Make Braids Effortlessly

conair quick twistI love tools that make my life easier and with the Conair Quick Twist Double-Strand Braider I am able to create gorgeous braids effortlessly in a matter of minutes! In fact it can all be done in 3 quick and easy steps:
  1. Lock ends of hair into place in the styler and pull tight.
  2. Slide the button up to turn on the twist to easily twist two strands all the way up.
  3. Turn the top of the styler to twist the strands together, making it as loose or as tight as you want it.
conair quick twist being usedPlus it comes with everything you need to complete your look including:  40 Scunci ® anti-slip mini elastics,  10 hair clips, and  2 silky ribbons. conair quick twist open Braids just got a whole lot easier to do and just think of how much time you will save! It’s so easy to do I bet your daughter will be able to do her own hair too. With so many braids in such little time, you won’t know what style to do next!

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the Conair Quick Twistâ„¢ Double-Stranded Braider for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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