When I was in Ethiopia, last year adopting our boys, I got my hair braided and boy. oh. boy! Did my gals every think I was “spify!” They loved the new hairstyle that I came home with and ever since then we have tried a variety of “new” hair dos.  Here are just a few of the websites that have inspired some of our creations. Check out Kids Activities Blog big list of hairstyles for girls that you don’t want to miss!
Hairstyles for girls from Kids Activities Blog
You got this! You can do these hairstyles for girls.

Hairstyles for Girls

This is a totally awesome tutorial on how to cut your own gal’s hair. This website has several girls hair style ideas including how to make a bow or even Rapunzel’s hair do. This one is super simple – if you can make a pony tail, you can help your little girl with this “hairstyle by mommy”. Twisted ponytail.   I remember wearing my hair like this when I was a little kid! Here are some more ideas on how to twist hair.  This blog has several great variations to try. …and if you are twisting ethnic hair, I love how this website simplifies the “sections” for us. Related: How to Make a Headband (Mix-and-Match Headband for Ribbon Flowers & More) and A Mom’s Warning of Bunchems Stuck in Hair

8 hairstyles for girls

From braids to buns, we are so in love with these adorable hairstyles for girls. Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles for Girls

How pretty is this lace braid? If you can French braid, you can do this! Make tiny little buns with braids for a super cute style that looks like birds’ nests. If your daughter’s hair is too short for a regular pony tail, try this cute style. Combine a lace braid and a French braid for this gorgeous style. This is a totally awesome tutorial on how to cut your own gal’s hair. String a ribbon through two French braids for this pretty hairstyle. How adorable is this bun hairstyle?! Adding flowers or succulents to a simple braid completely transforms the style. Beautiful Braids Hairstyles for Girls Two heart braids are better than one — am I right?! Nothing is cuter than an adorable sock bun! This one is super simple – if you can make a pony tail, you can help your little girl with this “hairstyle by mommy.” Criss cross mini ponytails for an adorable design. A half loop braid makes an adorable style. Instead of a bun, create a bow updo to keep hair up in the heat. Use a styling comb for side part to create and off-center heart braid. Add small elastics to create a side-banded ponytail.

Hairstyles for Kids

What are your favorite hairstyles for girls? We have gathered a few more interesting posts about hair and kids activities that we hope you will find helpful: How are you doing hair today?

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  1. I remember my mom used to tie my hair so tight that it sometimes hurt my scalp. Now, is my time to tie my two girls hair before they go to school or go out of the house but I make sure it doesn’t hurt. LOL. Thanks for sharing these hairstyles. i can copy them for my two kiddos.

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  4. There are so many creative styles you can do with long hair. I enjoy the versatility of it. However, sometimes it’s the simples styles that look the best, because they are more natural.