Scavenger hunts for preschoolers are fun.  They may not be familiar with the concept and it will be a BIG game with their enthusiastic participation. Kids Activities Blog is excited to feature a color scavenger hunt today from Chrissy {who is kind of a scavenger hunt guru}. Color Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers featured on Kids Activities Blog Are your kids just learning their colors and you need some learning activities to help the process?   Or are you just looking for a fun game to play with the little ones this summer?   I have a great idea that will help with both of these problems! My boys loved the nature scavenger hunt for kids that I put together for them last summer and ever since then, I have been coming up with new scavenger hunt ideas to get them active. Today I have a simple Color Scavenger Hunt idea to share with you. This game is about as easy as they get. It is easy enough that even younger children who are just learning their colors can play but still enough fun that older kids will want to get involved. Win Win!

nature scavenger hunt for kids

How to Have a Color Scavenger Hunt

Materials you need:
  • Brown Paper Bag (enough for each color)
  • Markers (each color)
  • Items in different colors to search for
Instructions for Preschool Scavenger Hunt Step 1 “ On the front of each Paper bag write a color name in that specific color.

nature scavenger hunt for kids

Step 2 “ Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt looking for items that are the color that is listed on the brown bag and fit as many inside as they can. That's it!   Such a simple and fun game for kids.  This came even be done outside on a walk or just about any place. I love games like this and kids of all ages seem to really enjoy scavenger and treasure hunts. We have done everything from nature scavenger hunt for kids, zoo scavenger hunts, and even grocery store scavenger hunts.   They have all been a huge hit with my boys and even the neighbor kids. Do your kids enjoy scavenger hunts?   In what way do you use them to involve learning?  

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