Today we have a pumpkin scavenger hunt! Looking for more Halloween fun? Get your whole neighborhood involved in this fun Halloween scavenger hunt using pumpkins! Kids of all ages, and even adults, will love this free printable scavenger hunt. We have a free printable pumpkin scavenger hunt list you can use to help set up the greatest Halloween scavenger hunt your neighborhood has every experienced. Download and print our scavenger hunt and use it at home or maybe even in the classroom!

Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt- Halloween jack o lantern pumpkin on a porch
Carved Halloween pumpkin sitting on doorstep

Free Printable Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt for Halloween

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional Halloween festivities such as trick-or-treating, a Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt is the perfect idea!

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Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get the family moving, getting some exercise and enjoying some fresh air outdoors and in this jack o lantern scavenger hunt you will be seeking all sorts of Halloween fun.

Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt- jack o lanterns lined up and lit up on a dark stairway
Halloween decorations on the front steps of a house

1. Free Jack o Lantern Scavenger Hunt Pumpkin List

Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt- printed pdf colored jack o lanterns to mark off
Free Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt Printable

First and foremost you’ll need our free printable pumpkin scavenger hunt list! The list will have the different pumpkins you’ll need to find so all the neighbors can coordinate and make a special one according to the scavenger list. You can even reach out to your neighbors on Facebook or The Nextdoor App and choose a date for your pumpkin hunt so everyone can get in on the fun!

Print Off You Halloween Scavenger List Here

  1. Simply print this list and head out to find all the pumpkins on the list.
  2. Once you find them, circle or cross them off.
  3. The first person to cross of all the pumpkins on the list, gets a treat!
  • Free Printable Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt – see below to download & print scavenger hunt pages
  • (Optional) Clipboard to hold your Halloween scavenger hunt printable securely
  • pencil to mark off your finds – attach your pencil to the clipboard with some string so you don’t lose it!
  • Bag to collect small items
  • (Optional) Binoculars and a magnifying glass
  • Your curiosity!

After you return, you can grab your crayons and markers to color your Halloween scavenger hunt page like a coloring page based on the colors you saw outside.

Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt- silly jack o lantern with braces on a stoop
Funny Halloween pumpkin on the doorstep for a pumpkin scavenger hunt

How To Host A Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt In Your Neighborhood

With Halloween nearing, everyone is putting out decorated pumpkins so why not head out into your neighborhood to see what fun pumpkins you can find?

The idea behind a pumpkin scavenger hunt is that you and your neighbors will all decorate pumpkins and place them where they can visibly be seen from the sidewalk or road.



Download and print our free printable Halloween pumpkin scavenger hunt.


Gather your supplies- clip board, pencils, binoculars, and whatever else you will need.


As you explore your neighborhood mark off the pictures as you see them.


When you find all the pictures on your printable scavenger hunt then color all the pictures!


Make sure you are aware of your surroundings! We want you to be safe when doing our printable scavenger hunt.

Readers and non-readers can both do this fun printable scavenger hunt. However, smaller children will need adult supervision while doing these printable scavenger hunts.

Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt- abstract jack o lantern on a wooden stoop in front of a wood door
Carved Halloween pumpkins on the doorstep

Go On This Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt Together

The best part is, you can spend some much needed family time together doing this! Or you can even pair off into groups! Mom’s team vs Dad’s teams, kids (as long as their is an older child in the group) vs adults. You can take the family on a walk (or drive if the weather is bad) around the neighborhood to see what sort of pumpkins you can find. Will you find a scary pumpkin? A happy pumpkin? A tall pumpkin? A painted pumpkin? Or how about a glowing, lit up pumpkin?

That’s the exciting part of this Halloween scavenger hunt! There are so many different pumpkins to spot! It’ll be tricky with all the other Halloween decorations though!

Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt- candy like jolly ranchers, milk duds, reeses,

Don’t Forget About The Halloween Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt Prize!

Maybe the whole family will get a prize after doing this fun activity on Halloween night, maybe only the winner. If you’re doing this fun Halloween scavenger hunt with your neighbors, making a couple big prizes and some consolation prizes is a fun way to keep the Halloween fun alive! I hope you and your family enjoys this fun Halloween activity!

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Did you try out this Halloween scavenger hunt yet? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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