My daughter and I were reading about frogs and she thought the idea of their sticky tongue was really funny.  She ran and found a blow out party favor and showed me how the frog’s tongue pops out to catch flies.  And so this silly frog craft was born.

Sticky Tongue Frog Craft

Preschool Craft Supplies

For this craft we used:

  • green cardstock or construction paper
  • felt
  • scissors
  • marker
  • party blow outs
  • velcro pieces

Preschool frog craft supplies

Sticky Tongue

To make the fun little sticky tongue, we used a basic party blow out.  I was happy when I stumbled upon these perfectly colored red ones at the dollar store!  Rachel unrolled it and put a few pieces on the underside of the end of the blow out.  The velcro will “catch” the flies we will make later.

Sticky frog tongueFrog Craft

To make a frog face to go with the tongue, draw a circle on the green paper.  You can freehand this or maybe let your child trace a plate to draw their own circle.  Then cut out the circle.

Next, fold the circle in half.  Then, on the folded side, cut a “V” notch in the center of the fold.

When you open the frog’s face, there will now be an “X” in the back of the mouth.  Just slide the party blow out into the hole and you have a basic frog and tongue.

Green paper frog craft

Add some eyes, color the inside of the mouth….whatever your child wants to do to personalize their frog.

Finally, use the black marker to draw some little flies on the piece of felt.  Cut them out and place them around on the table.

As your child blows out the party favor, the velcro pieces on the end of it will grab the fly and bring it back into the froggie’s mouth!

Frog catches fly

My daughter absolutely LOVES this game.  We have made all different colors and kinds of bugs for her little frog to eat.

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