Homemade Valentine’s Day Mail Boxes for School to Collect All Those Valentines

Remember the fun of receiving all those Valentines at school?  You may have been in preschool or Kindergarten or 1st Grade…or higher.  Sometimes the class would make a box to collect the Valentines together.  Sometimes we brought homemade Valentine mailboxes from home.

Either way, we have two really fun DIY options to making a Valentine Box!

DIY Valentines Day Boxes for School - Valentine Mail boxes you can make at home or in the classroom to collect Valentines

Choose which Valentine box you will make…I think I am making the school bus!

Creative Valentine Box Ideas

So don’t think twice when your child is asked to bring Valentine’s day boxes for school.

Here are two simple DIY Valentine’s Day box ideas that you can make with things like a milk carton and empty cereal boxes you might already have at home. This article includes affiliate links.

Valentine Box Ideas

Looking for some great ideas for Valentine’s day? Use cereal boxes and milk cartons and construction paper to great a super cute Valentine’s box.

These are perfect for school parties and a super cute way to receive Valentines cards.

These fun ideas use every day items to make creative Valentine boxes that are fun. Plus these Valentine’s day crafts fun to make for kids of all ages!

How to Make a School Bus Out of a Milk Carton

Our first Valentine mail box design that you can easily craft from things you already have is a School Bus!  A school bus made out of a milk carton.


So head to your recycling bin and grab an empty milk carton along with a few other supplies…

supplies for making valentine's day mailboxes for school - Milk carton school bus Valentine mail box

Let’s make a school bus for our Valentines!

Supplies Needed for Valentine School Bus Mail Box

  • Milk carton
  • Four milk carton caps
  • Yellow wrapping paper (or any yellow paper or yellow construction paper)
  • Glue stick & glue gun with sticks
  • Black, Red & grey marker
  • Black paint & paintbrush
  • Stickers to decorate
  • Craft knife & scissors
  • A piece of red cardstock (optional)
  • Red pipe cleaner(optional)
  • White marker/pen (optional)
  • An awl (optional)

Steps for Making Milk Carton Valentine Mailbox

The idea here is to make a school bus using a milk carton to hold your child’s valentine’s day cards.

Step 1

For this, the first step is to wrap the milk carton with yellow wrapping paper.

Step 2

Use a glue stick to hold the wrapping paper in place.

Step 3

For the next edges on the top of the carton, use yellow tape to hide or use a strip of wrapping paper and a glue stick to hide the edges. 

cover the milk carton with wrapping paper for school bus valentines day box

The first step is to completely cover milk carton with yellow paper…

Step 4

Use a black marker to add details like windows, doors, windshield and also if you want to add any writings for the school bus.

Step 5

Use a red and grey marker to add lights at the front and back. 

add details for the school bus mail box using black marker

Step 2 is to add the school bus details to the milk carton…

Step 6

Paint the milk carton caps with black paint.

Step 7

Allow the newly painted caps to dry and add them as wheels to the milk carton using hot glue. 

add wheels to the milk carton to make it look like school bus with wheels for valentines day

The wheels on the bus go round and round…well, maybe not!

Step 8

This step is totally optional. To add a fun element, cut a piece of red cardstock in an octagon shape and use a white marker to write “Stop” and add a border.

Step 9

I wrote “Stop & drop” as it is rhyming – kind of stop & drop your valentine’s card ;).

Step 10

Make the “L” shape out of pipe cleaner, use tape to glue the stop sign on the base of the “L” shape.

Step 11

Make a hole in the milk carton between the first and the second window and insert the pipe cleaner.

That’s it, now you can bend it to show like it is in the picture below or close it. 

add a stop sign for cut touch on school bus valentine day box

You now have a working & movable bus stop sign!

Step 12

Decorate the school bus as desire with heart stickers to add more valentine’s day vibe.

Step 13

Mark a slot at the top and cut it using a craft knife to complete the school bus Valentine’s day box.

Make a slit at the top to make it a mailbox for school

Last step is to add a slot in the top of the bus to collect the Valentines!

Finished Valentine School Bus Mail Box Ready for Valentines!

school bus valentine's day box for boys - love the school bus mail box for Valentines

Now we are ready for some Valentines in our School Bus mailbox!

I absolutely love how this turned out and think it would be super cute to try some different truck/bus alterations for other mail box ideas.

How to Make a Valentine Box Out of a Cereal Box

This next Valentine box idea looks more like a Valentine suitcase and instead of heading to your recycling bin for a milk carton, you will need to grab a cereal box!

supplies for making a valentine's day box for school out of a cereal box

Let’s make a Valentine mailbox out of a cereal box!

Supplies Needed to Make Valentine Suitcase Box for Valentines

Steps for Making Suitcase Valentine’s Day Mailbox for School Valentines

We are creating a little Valentine suitcase to haul around all those Valentines your kids will receive at school!

Step 1

Tape the open side of the cereal box and wrap it with the wrapping paper as you would wrap a present.

Step 2

Make sure the area you use tape is at the bottom. 

wrap the cereal box like a present for valentines day box ideas

Step one is to cover the cereal box with paper…

Step 3

Mark and cut a slot at the top for the kids to drop their valentine’s day cards.  Make it wide enough that something with candy attached could go through!

add slots to make valentine's day mailbox for school

The next step is to add a mailbox slot in the suitcase top.

Step 4

Use ribbon to add handle to make it look like a suitcase.

Step 5 

Use glue stick and tape to make it secure and stay in place. 

add handles for valentine's day suitcase mailbox for school

Let’s add ribbon as suitcase handles on the Valentine mailbox!

Step 6

Decorate the valentine’s day suitcase mailbox with stickers to complete the box. 

simple valentines day box ideas for school using cereal box

Decorate your Valentine suitcase with all sorts of Valentine-y things!

Finished Valentine’s Day Suitcase Mailbox Ready for School Valentines

cool valentine boxes for school using things at home

What a cute Valentine suitcase mailbox idea!

How cute did that turn out?  I love the idea of making it look like a travel suitcase with stickers from around the world like stamps, etc.

And don’t forget your child will also need Valentines to give to classmates!  Don’t worry, we have you covered with these quick and easy Valentines you can make and print at home…

Best Valentines Box Ideas

If you don’t have a milk carton or empty cereal box, you can also use shoe boxes, tissue boxes, a Kleenex box, or small cardboard boxes. These will all work for Valentine’s day box ideas.

Don’t have construction paper? Use tissue paper! 

You could also make your bus super silly by adding googly eyes as well. Make it your own. This is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day, there is no wrong way to do it.

Either way, these Valentines boxes are great for last minute Valentine’s parties.

Easy Homemade Valentines – Make & Give From Kids Activities Blog:

How simple are these Valentine mailbox ideas to make at home?

Do try it and let us know what you think in the comments below… 


  1. Puja Mehta says:

    we are trying to make this school bus for my daughter but it is very difficult to wrap the milk carton. Especially the top part. Are you able to show step by step how you wrapped it?

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi! I’m sorry, we don’t have pictures aside from what is already on the blog post. You cna use yelow tape to help secure the top, and hide any of the tricky spots, though!

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